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When it comes to picking a paint color, you can’t just ask for white! There are a plethora of choices in white including cool whites, warm whites, and true whites. Color is a preference decision for each individual; however there are some great tools that can help you make a critical choice between those shades you love such as Luau Green and Moonraker Yellow!

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Color Wheels and Paint Chips

Color wheels and paint chips help you narrow the scope of your color decision between the many different hues and shades of each color. Your Protect Painters representative carries a number of color wheels from several different major paint manufacturers, which you can borrow for a few days to sample and make your selection. Color wheels are also very helpful in matching a color to an existing wall or a favorite object.

Online Color Tools

Many of the major paint manufacturers have several interactive online tools:

  • Sherwin Williams® offers a mobile app, virtual design studio, and modern / historical color palettes, and more.
  • Benjamin Moore® has a website that shows an extensive color gallery and a wide array of painting idea tools including Pottery Barn®-inspired motifs and the Experts Exchange Facebook app that allows you to connect with famed paint experts via social media.
  • BEHR® offers a ColorSmart tool and computer-assisted color program and app that allows you to create your dream color palette quickly. These programs even let you transpose your choice colors onto photos of your home, so you have a living example!

Color Consultations

You may notice a slight hesitation from your ProTect Painters representative when you ask for an opinion on color. That’s because he or she is an authority on painting and knows when to call in a design expert for color consultation. Many of our franchisees refer reputable interior designers with whom they work. Just ask! Our goal is to exceed expectations.

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