Surprise Your Valentine with These 5 Paint Touch Ups

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When you spend a lot of time living, relaxing and entertaining in your home, you expect to experience maintenance issues, such as a crayon masterpiece on the children’s bedroom wall, scratches, fingerprints, smudges and dings in the living room or faded paint in the kitchen and bathroom. Typically, the first step to restoring the appearance of a surface involves some light wash down, using a solution of mild detergent and water to remove. However, cleaning the surface runs its course and the only acceptable solution may be to add to your to-do list: touch up paint around house. With Valentine’s Day just a short time away, consider taking a detour away from those cliché gift ideas. Instead of giving that special person in your life a dozen roses, a box of chocolate or a romantic dinner, surprise him or her by completing those needed paint touch-ups.

If you choose your paint touch-up projects from among the following five areas, you will make a big impact on the appearance of your home. With some time, preparation and proper technique, you can restore the beauty of walls and other surfaces around the home.

1. Interior Trim Touch-Up – Wood trim also receive a fair share of scraps and nicks. A fresh coat of paint on faded interior trim restores the trim to its original luster, brightens up the space and improves the overall home décor. Most trim already have a high-gloss finish. To avoid shiny blotches on the surface, because each coat adds more shine, you will need to repaint the entire lengthpaint colors	

2. Interior and Exterior Doors – Both the interior and exterior doors will likely require some maintenance because of fading and discoloration. For entrance doors, you must consider the bombardment of natural elements including the sun, rain, snow and wind. Start with the front entrance door because makes an immediate impression on the home’s curb appeal.

3. Bathroom – With a steady stream of traffic, high levels of moisture, cleaning and disinfecting, bathrooms are always in need of some maintenance for the surfaces. You can touch up the doors, windows, walls, ceiling and trim. Since the bathroom comprises a small space, you may want to consider foregoing touch painting in favor of complete paint job, which you can complete in a day.

4. Kitchen – Even if you have washable paint on the kitchen walls, with a constant flow of dust, moisture, and airborne grease, surfaces in the kitchen come under serious abuse. Performing touch-up painting in the kitchen provides an easy and inexpensive way to rejuvenate this favorite space.

5. Other Areas in Need of Paint – Often, in high-traffic, heavy use areas, you can clean the surface areas if you used a glossier paint. In some cases, you will need to pay particular attention to how to blend touch up paint in to the surrounding areas, including:

  • Light switches
  • Door frames. handles/knobs
  • Window frames/handles
  • Hallway/foyer walls
  • Bedroom walls
  • Garage walls

Remember, any area that comes in frequent contact with children, pets and soiled hands makes a serious candidate for a paint touch up.

Getting the Paint to Match

One of the biggest challenges for you will be to how do you blend paint on a wall. According the Sherwin-Williams, the rate at which wicking occurs determines whether the touch-up paint matches the existing surface. Wicking means the absorption of moisture into the surface. Sherwin-Williams recommends that you dilute the paint with water. You should also apply the paint with the same type of tool, brush, roller or sprayer, used when painting the surface the first time.


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