The Biggest Impact You Can Make with Paint for the Least Money

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When you need to renovate a house on a budget, you must use your available resources wisely and receive the most impact for your dollars. Interior and exterior painting projects rate among the most popular components of home renovation projects because they provide one of the most affordable, quickest and easiest ways to freshen up any space. Achieving a professional-quality painting result is labor-intensive. Interior and exterior painting projects require proper preparation of the surface to ensure that primer and paint adhere. Whether you decide to take on a do-it-yourself project over the course of a long week-end or hire the job out to professional painters, with a bit of imagination and creativity, a fresh coat of paint in the right places can work wonders.

cheap home renovation, how to renovate a house with no money, how to renovate a house on a budgetCreate an Accent Wall

Add elegance, dramatic flair or a focal point where you want to draw attention you without a need to paint an entire room. If you already have neutral wall colors (gray, beige, off-white, etc.), you can paint one wall a strong accent wall color. Decide where you would like the focal point of the room, such as fireplace, a large window, headboard (bedroom), built-in bookcase or the wall across from a doorway. Use accent color to highlight parts of a room or continue painting techniques from an adjacent room. You can get color ideas by looking at pillows, upholstery, fabric, and artwork.

cheap home renovation, how to renovate a house with no money, how to renovate a house on a budgetPaint the Exterior Front Door

When it comes to home renovation, most real estate professionals would agree that the front entryway creates a memorable first impression. Over time, the paint on the front door and surrounding trim can become worn and faded. Paint the door a color that contrast with the existing paint scheme to make the entrance of your home pop and create a stunning effect with a fresh coat of paint. Freshen up the door with the same color or try a bold new color like forest green, powder blue or buttery yellow. You can make both painting and drying easier by taking the door off the hinges and removing as much of the hardware as possible. Cover any remaining hardware with painter’s tape.

cheap home renovation, how to renovate a house with no money, how to renovate a house on a budgetFreshen Up the Exterior Trim

Apply a fresh coat of paint to fascia, soffits along the roof lines, and trim around windows and doors, and other elements. House trim ties together the various architectural elements of your home’s particular style. If you would like to brighten up a faded color or introduce a totally fresh, complimentary color, simply paint the house trim. This cheap home renovation technique livens up your home. Painting the trim requires time, patience and attention to details, but the payoff makes it a worth the effort. Many homeowners prefer to leave exterior painting projects up to professional painters. Professionals will ensure the use of correct techniques or paint choice that holds up to weathering.

Paint the Interior Windows and Trim

When looking to change the appearance of a room or other interior space, consider sticking with the current wall color, but paint the trim, molding and windows. This low-cost home renovation painting technique produces a dramatic change, especially in rooms where you already have a neutral shade on adjacent walls, such as beige, French gray or off-white. Choose a satin or gloss finish to highlight the trim against walls with a flat finish, and to create a washable and durable home renovation, how to renovate a house with no money, how to renovate a house on a budget

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