Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

green paint color

Ever wonder why certain colors are more popular some years?

Green Bedroom with Funky Decore

Every December, Pantone (the world’s standard for colors) releases their Color of the Year for the following year. This color often becomes the trend in paint, clothing and advertisements for its respective year. Color and fashion specialists meet in Europe for two days during the summer to discuss and decide on the color for the next year. That means that this year’s color was chosen this past summer. Pantone chooses a new color to feature that is on trend; they explain what the color represents and even show some color schemes that the color works well with.

Pantone chose Greenery as their Color of the Year for 2017. Green Sitting Area

Yes, that’s right, green is the color of the year. So what does this “Kermit the Frog” hue mean exactly? Well, green represents growth and health. According to Pantone’s color report, they chose this shade of green because it “signals consumers to take a deep breath and oxygenate and reinvigorate.” The color also evokes thoughts of the environment; if you think about it, green is almost everywhere in nature.

With this color in mind, more and more design trends will include green elements in them. Here are a few ways we found these colors could be incorporated into your everyday décor:

  • Bring a plant (or two) into your home. Plants are literally the color of Greenery, so it is an easy and healthy way to get some green in your life. Plus, there are some plants that don’t need to be watered often!
  • Paint your sunroom or porch in Greenery. The point of your outdoor area is to be closer to nature, what better way to do that than painting that area in the color of nature?
  • Update your normal plates with green ones. This is not only a great shade, but some studies show that eating on green plates causes you to eat healthier!
  • Paint your walls this natural hue. Don’t want to make the commitment of painting four walls in one color? Try just an accent wall. The green shade will promote relaxation all around you.

ProTect Painters loves the idea of bringing nature into your home. Check out these fun blogs on using green paint in your kitchen or the many different shades of green available from our paint partners. And of course, for help with the above painting projects, call the professionals at ProTect Painters.

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