Inspiration from the Paint Colors of the Year for 2018

color of the year

Whether it's your makeup, the shade of your new car or the appearance of you home, colors have a way of making a statement. The colors you choose can affect your mood and point of view. Each year, Pantone Inc., the world’s preeminent source on color and the primary provider of color systems, assembles a committee to choose the Color of the Year. The panel reviews the world of design, art, travel, lifestyles and socio-economic conditions for inspiration. For the Color of the Year 2018, Pantone named “Ultra Violet.” This version of the color purple will fuel trends and shape creative ideas for a variety of industries over the next year, including architecture, interior décor, fashion, food, travel, design, music, film, travel and marketing.

The Meaning of Ultra Violet

Violet has the same essence as purple and represents the highest vibration in the visible light spectrum. Although many people use the names violet and purple interchangeably, both colors have the same meaning. Ultra Violet signifies individuality, mindfulness, and connectedness. Violet denotes the color of imagination and spirituality and contains the mysticism and integrity of blue combined with the strength and energy of red and the intensity of blue. For business use, violet exudes extravagance and wealth. Many companies use violet in their marketing of high-quality products or superior services. You can soften Ultra Violet’s boldness by choosing other shades from the same family, such as lilac, blue, mauve or blush.

Other Color of the Year Selections

color of the yearColor sets the tone for what furniture we buy, the decor we invest in and the overall design of a room. Oftentimes, people will be drawn to a color without knowing why. Other times, the colors we select for home décor are a conscious decision as part of an overall design plan. In recent years, paint manufacturers, as well as companies in other industries, have entered color trend forecasting, including:

Behr Behr Paint chose “In The Moment” for its first Color of the Year. This blue-green shade pays homage to nature and generates a calming effect. According to Erika Woelfel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative services, the color of the year selections a “Spruce blue, soft gray and lush green coalesce into a fresh shade.” Its versatility makes the shade suitable for interior and exterior projects when used as a grounding neutral. In The Moment creates a soothing atmosphere in homes, schools, offices, and hospitals. The color works well with multiple design styles and in spaces associated with relaxation and rejuvenation.

Benjamin Moore – Choosing a fiery hue red, Benjamin Moore recently named “Caliente” as its 2018 Color of the Year. Caliente consists of a vibrant red imbued with a hint of orange, with a brown undertone. To demonstrate the color’s versatility, Benjamin Moore showcased use of Caliente in a traditional and modern setting by pairing it with more subdued colors, which makes it a serious consideration for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Sherwin-Williams – Forget the neutral shades and trendy hues of gray, Sherwin Williams recently unveiled “Oceanside,” which has a combination of blues and green hues. Oceanside works for furniture, walls and interior and exterior surfaces. The shade adds depth and warmth to any space, and accommodates modern and traditional styles. The blue hue also has flair, while assuring soothing qualities.

How to Use These Colors

When you’re not sure where to begin when choosing paint for your home or business, think about the effect you would like to create for your space. The Color of the Year selections offer a good for a good starting point


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