Paint Colors Inspired by Football Season

Paint colors inspired by football season text football on football field turf

One of the best parts about fall is football. High school, college, even pee wee. But what seems to be the most exciting across the country is the return of the NFL season. All 32 of the teams fight for the one title at the end of the season, Big Game Champions. The NFL is such a major part of our society that people even decorate their homes with memorabilia of their favorite teams. Some of the teams actually have really nice color schemes that would look great in the fall. You don’t have to deck out your space with their mascots to show your support. These fall colors are sure to look good on the field and off.

Washington Redskins

paint colors washington redskins

This team's colors are great fall colors, whether you are a fan or not. Burgundy and gold are always in style in the later part of the year. Painting a whole room one of these colors might be a little overwhelming, so if you do choose to paint using either of these colors, just do an accent wall and look for accent pieces in the other color.

Jacksonville Jaguars

paint colors jacksonville jaguars

Includes four great fall colors: black, teal, light and dark gold. This color scheme is great for the fall because blue hues are in vogue right now. One idea for painting your room using these colors is to opt for the light teal and then find accent pieces or pillows that include some of the other colors.

Dallas Cowboys

paint colors dallas cowboys

The Cowboys wear nice, neutral colors that would look great with any décor. One of the nice things about this color scheme is you can paint your walls either navy or silver, and then accent your room with the other.

Green Bay Packers

paint colors green bay packers

The franchise uses green and gold for their team colors. Both of these colors look great in the fall since they are earth tones. Consider painting a small space, like an entry way, hall bath or laundry room, in the green, then use lighter colors to accent the space. Be sure to include adequate lighting and mirrors to enhance the space.

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