Paint Colors Inspired by Haunted Houses

Paint colors inspired by haunted houses text over haunted dark haunted house

Whether it's the adrenaline rush of not knowing what's around the next corner, or the hilarity of seeing your friends jump from surprise, being scared on purpose is definitely a popular activity this time of year. All around the world, people literally pay to be scared at haunted houses.

When you look at a haunted house, the first thought that comes to your mind is not likely, "Oh, I wonder what color of paint they used?" However, here at ProTect Painters, we find paint-color inspiration in everything. Check out these ideas for using something spooky to create something beautiful in your own home.

Haunted house and array of haunted house inspired paint colors


What would a "spooky" color recommendation be without some mention of orange? Orange is the color of pumpkins, fall leaves, and the mysterious glow in the window of that abandoned house down the street... (Did you get chills?) Orange is not a popular color in home design, but if you are fan of Halloween and all things fall, then consider giving it a try in your home. According to color psychology, orange is a combination of the happiness of yellow and the energy of red, and is a color favored by creative and enthusiastic people.


Don't be scared (pun intended) to go a little dark with your home decor. While you may not want to paint an entire room a true-black, dark shades of gray, blue, and green certainly have their place in the home. In small spaces or as accent walls, dark shades are bold and unexpected.

Deep Red

In the past few decades, red walls have been all the rage in home decor, particularly in kitchens and dining rooms. More recent trends are calling for deeper shades of red to serve as a more neutral backdrop, rather than an attention-grabber. If you "fear" painting an entire room in deep red, choose a warm tone for the walls and use accent pieces in dark crimson.

Dark Brown

If your home is more on the traditional side, opposed to modern, then you might find inspiration drawn from dark brown... or should we say "murky" brown? If your trim and doors are natural wood, then choose a shade at least 2-shades darker or lighter to accent. Dark brown is a bold choice and should be used in areas with plenty of lighting and with pops of white or other light accents to offset the dark.

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