How to Choose a Contractor

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Like most homeowners, you take great pride in the appearance of your home and understand that a fresh coat of paint and different color combination can make a huge difference in its curb appeal and interior ambience. However, when the time comes to hire a painting contractor, a process that seems straightforward can be much more complex. When you hire a professional painting contractor, you eliminate many of the concerns of painting your home. Your primary objective is to find a painting contractor that you can trust. This important decision requires careful consideration.Professional Painter

What to Look For

The following checklist provides the essential elements that you should address during the interview process and ensure that you hire the right painting contractor for your exterior painting project.

  • Hire an Experienced Contractor — The field tends to have a high turnover rate. Find out how long the painting contractor has been in business. Hire a contractor who has been in business for at least two years. An established painting contractor should work with professional painters who have their own equipment and vehicles.
  • Ask for Referrals — Talk to your family, friends, and associates who have had painting project completed. They represent one of the best ways to find a painting contractor in your area who is reliable. Local paint supplies stores, such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams can also provide you a list of trustworthy painting contractors.
  • Licensing Requirements — Although some states do not have licensing requirements for painting contractors -- a professional contractor should always have a license. Remember that a license does not vouch for the quality of service or professionalism of the company.
  • Proper Insurance — It is important that you select a contractor who has the proper insurance. Depending on the type of painting work the contractor performs, most states requires painting companies to carry a variety of business insurance, including:
    • General liability insurance
    • Worker compensation insurance
    • Commercial vehicle insurance

The amount of the insurance coverage depends on the size and scope of the job. For example, ProTect Painters are licensed and must carry $1,000,000 minimum coverage per occurrence. Request a certificate of insurance, which has your name and address on it, directly from the insurance carrier.

  • Portfolio and References — To get a better idea about the contractor’s quality of work find out if they have a gallery or portfolio of their past jobs. The contractor should provide you high-quality pictures ProTect Painters Vanof its crew actually working on various painting projects. When viewing the images, look for even finishes on the wall and clear-cut lines in the corners where the different colors meet. Ask for recent references from the contractor--and follow up on them.
  • Warranties — A reputable contractor will give you a warranty for both material and labor. Most paint manufacturers offer a warranty on their products that covers specifics, such as surface preparation, proper sealers, numbers of coats, the gallons per square foot needed for proper warranty coverage, etc. The most valued warranty will be the one provided for you by the painting contractor, which covers the workmanship.

Communications is also very important. Pay attention to how quickly the contractor returns your phone calls and answers your questions. When the contractor arrives for the initial appointment, they should dress professionally and be on time.

ProTect Painters have been servicing residential and commercial clients nationwide for more than two decades. Contact your local ProTect Painters location for upfront pricing. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and professionalism that you seek, and guarantee you a successful interior or exterior painting job.

Safety Tips

ProTect Painters is a Neighborly company, a community of home service professionals. Watch this video for safety tips from the Chief Operating Officer of Neighborly, Mary Kennedy Thompson. She discusses things you should ask before the contractor arrives at your home, such as "will they arrive in a branded vehicle" and "what is the contractor's name", so that you feel safe opening the door when they arrive.

Mary Kennedy Thompson on KWTX

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