How to: Paint Your Brick Fireplace

How to: Paint Your Brick FireplaceLooking for an easy update to your home with minimal costs? Most people think of painting the walls in a room, but never consider painting brick. Does your house have a fireplace built from the same brick as the exterior? This was popular at the time, but now, most homeowners are seeking a fresh, neutral color palette. The fireplace should be the focal point of the room, not an eyesore.

Painting a brick fireplace is a project that even most beginners can tackle. We found a great pin on the topic and repinned it to our ProTect Painters Pinterest page.

We’ve developed this step-by-step tutorial to help you get ready for this great DIY, painted brick project.

  1. Clean all the fireplace’s surfaces. Before you put a coat of paint on the brick, you really want to make sure it’s well-cleaned. This will help the paint job last longer and make it look smoother. Consider scrubbing the inside walls with a large sponge, water and soap. Sweep the fireplace floor, to remove all the soot. You might even consider using a wire brush to really get all the debris scraped out, and then vacuum the area well.
  2. Choose a heat-resistant paint. For the inside of the fireplace, you will need to select a heat-resistant paint. You may also need to apply two coats to ensure the color remains vibrant after several fires. Or, consider leaving the inside unfinished if it cleaned up nicely.
  3. Remember that brick is porous while painting. Especially while painting the external portion of your fireplace brick, you need to remember that brick is very porous. This means that one coat may not be enough to fill in all the holes and bubbles that appear after painting. Carefully cover each brick’s surface, going back over any parts that appear rough or uneven. It is recommended to use a roller with at least a ½-inch nap so that the paint will reach into the brick crevices.

If you get in over your head on a painted fireplace project, you can always call in the experts for help. ProTect Painters offer all kinds of interior painting services. Contact them today for help bringing your next project to life.


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