Paint Your Fence

Paint Your Fence to Get Ready for Summer

How does one welcome the season of summer? Finding fun ways to enjoy the Great Outdoors come to mind. Dig out the swimming suits? Bust out the sunscreen? How about slathering on a coat of fresh paint for your fence? What better way to coax yourself and your guests into spending more time in the front or backyard, than by a lovely, painted perimeter?

Painting a white picket fence is an iconic sign of spring and summer projects. In fact, it’s so much fun that author Mark Twain’s iconic character, Tom Sawyer, convinced all the boys in his neighborhood to pay him with marbles and toys so they could have the chance to whitewash his aunt’s fence for him. But you don’t have to stick to classic white or even the same color. For example, some homeowners turned artists choose to make their fence a canvas. CLICK HERE to check out an entire floral mural on one backyard fence. Whatever your style, be sure to follow the steps below to ensure your painted project results in a masterpiece.

No Matter the Color You Choose… These Are the Steps to Follow:

1. Remove Old Paint

No matter which color(s) you choose, definitely begin your project with cleaning. First, you should scrape any old paint off of the fence. We found great tips on this blog. Then, pressure wash the fence to give your panels a clean slate. Don’t forget to cover any nearby bushes, grass or other vegetation with protective paint cloth or plastic coverings.

2. Apply Protective Preservative

To help protect the wood from the weather, you should apply a coat of preservative. This will help your fence repel water, and protect from rotting. Make sure to get all sides, cracks and corners, and then allow several days for the wood to dry. Be sure to allow several hours for the preservative to soak in thoroughly.

3. Don’t Forget the Primer

By investing in a bucket of primer, you will extend the life of your fence’s paint job. Any paint store will be able to offer you a wide variety of options at different cost levels. It may take a little extra time, but covering your whole fence with a layer of primer before applying the main paint will definitely pay off in the end! You should wait at least 12 hours for the primer to set before moving on to the painting step.

4. Now to the Good Stuff – Your Paint!

Ah, now time for the artist in you to emerge! Select your paint color or colors, and have fun! The best way to tackle the paint job is to go for two thin layers. Rather than trying to make sure every inch is covered in the first layer, let the first coat dry, then go back over it again. Wait several hours in between your coats, and you should be good to go! You might try covering the fence in one solid color, then going back and adding details! Or, skip the background color altogether, and get straight to the fun stuff! Check out the polkadot design adorning this privacy fence by CLICKING HERE.

Need Reinforcements?

If you feel like you may have bit off a little more than you can chew after planning your DIY masterpiece, you can always call in the professionals. A ProTect Painters team can help you create a fantastic fence at a reasonable price. You might consider hiring them to complete the preservative, primer and basic paint steps listed above. That way, your fence is ready for you to pull out your pallet, and paint a beautiful design all your own!


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