Pick Your Paint Colors

Pick Your Color for the New Year

The arrival of a new year inevitably brings with it a host of decorating projects that we plan for around our home, office or business. Not surprising, interior and exterior painting ranks at the top of the list. While painting itself goes fairly quickly, any painting project consists of a process that requires you to make a number of key decisions upfront. The process starts with you deciding whether to complete the project yourself or hire a professional painting contractor such as ProTect Painters to turn your vision into a reality. Another important consideration is to pick your paint or your color scheme.

With thousands of colors from which to choose, the task of paint selection can seem a bit overwhelming. The following guidelines will assist you in choosing the right colors and put you on the track towards the outcome you desire long before you open the first can of paint.

Types of Color Palette

The color palette or color scheme features of a combination of colors that work in tandem to create an aesthetically pleasing layout. Creating a color palette does not mean that you have to paint your entire house, but it will help guide your color scheme going forward. You will find that you have a limitless number of possibilities to pick your paint. Some of the more traditional color palette variations include: Painting Color Wheel

  • Complementary— focus on colors fixed on the opposite side of the color wheel by choosing a dominant color and complementing it with a subtle color.
  • Split complementary— create a bolder color palette by selecting a main color and two colors from each side of the commentary color.
  • Monochromatic—the monochromatic color palette, which employs colors with similar hue but different tones, shades and tints and creates a pleasant, stylish look.
  • Analogous—You can generate a less contrasting effect, compared to the complementary color palette, by selecting related colors from the color wheel. Use a dominant color, supporting color and accent color.
  • Triad – This palette chosen from among colors evenly spaced around the color wheel.

The list represents just a small number of the possible approaches to pick your paint according to your taste.

Creating a Color Palette

Employed effectively, paint colors and combinations can make a statement, affect mood and ambience, make a statement, energize an environment, or warm up or cool down the space, energize. You will need to select 3-5 colors to create your paint palette.

Begin by taking note of the different colors used in various items in the room, including rugs, furniture, carpeting, wallpaper window treatments, pillows, and artwork. As you take stock of the different color possibilities, understand that may studies have shown that colors provide you a powerful design element, which has powerful subliminal and subconscious effects on the physical and emotional well-being of the people in your home or business.

As a general rule, paint the walls and ceilings in light colors. Finish the floors in a darker color, which keeps the floors from floating into the walls. Use your darkest color to provide accent or make a statement.

Test Your Color Palette

Before you make a final decision and pick your paint for your color scheme, evaluate your color selection. Purchase sample containers of the colors you choose and apply the paint to a small board. Position the panel in various locations, and at different times of the day, to observe the appearance of the paint under different lighting. Choosing the right colors can change the entire mood and dynamics of your home or business.

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