About ProTect Painters®

About ProTect Painters®

Do you have your sights set on a new look for your home or office in 2016?

Chances are you’ve reviewed color options, and maybe even considered hiring a painting company. Before you start comparing swatches, make sure you have a team in place to ensure you are satisfied with your project.

Who We Are

ProTect Painters is a full-service interior and exterior painting company that believes in treating our customers like family. When you contact our team of experts, you can be confident knowing you will be dealing with professionals who will treat your home or office like their own. Our crews refuse to cut corners, manages the entire project from beginning to end. Our promise of open communication with customers, flexible hours based upon your schedule and upfront pricing means zero stress for you throughout the process.

Where to Start?

Have you ever been to the paint counter at a large home improvement store, and left feeling more overwhelmed than when you walked in? Our professional teams help you choose the right color for your surroundings, so you never have to fear a color catastrophe. Plus, we hire the best painters around, who are always reliable and professional at each and every job site. You may feel like you’re playing a gamble with some painting companies, so why take a chance? Call ProTect Painters, the #1 painting company for your project today.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose ProTect Painters

  • Gift of Time

    ProTect Painters manages the entire project from beginning to end.

  • Upfront Pricing

    A detailed plan. No hidden costs.

  • Color Consult

    The painting professionals that provide the right color for your surroundings.

  • Flexible & Reliable

    Experienced in working with your schedule.

  • Communication

    Always knowing what was happening and when.

Our Promise

“ To deliver unparalleled quality and a unique customer service experience in the residential and commercial painting markets. ”