Paint Colors Inspired by Christmas Cookies

holiday color schemes

The holiday season is a time of year that plays on all of our senses: the music, the lights, the warmth, and the food... Ohh, the food!

At ProTect Painters, we draw inspiration for paint colors from a multitude of sources, including the variety of sweets we find on the dessert table. One of the most colorful treats – and therefore, one of our most favorites – are the Christmas cookies. Cookies come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, complexities, and are suited for taste buds of all ages.

One of our paint-partners, Sherwin Williams, has thousands of paint colors. We find the following especially charming, because they remind us of the sweetness of the holiday season.

Baked Cookie

Sweet Orange

Cherries Jubilee -

Frosted Emerald -

Pineapple Cream

Bitter Chocolate

If you want to add a little sweetness to your home year-round, try one of these delicious shades to compliment your home decor!

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