Painted Stones for Your Flower Bed

Painted Stones for Your Flowerbed

Whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly summer craft or a way to liven up your flower bed – or both! – painting stones for the garden could be the perfect project.

Before you begin, wash the rocks you find with warm water and soap, and sand down any rough patches to create a clean, smooth canvas to work with. For results that withstand the rain, use acrylic paint sealed with mod podge. Just be sure to wear an apron because acrylic paint stains clothing.

Painted rocks are a yard art that beautifies the space in a subtle yet striking way, and your project can take on a variety of forms. Use these ideas to inspire you.

Turtle Rocks

This adorable idea comes from Crafty Morning. The trick to painting rocks that look like a turtle is to find the proper shapes to begin with. The legs should be rounded with one end slightly larger than the other. The body should be a large circle with a rounded top and flat bottom. The head should be an oval.

Start by painting all the rocks light green. Let this first coat dry. If needed, add another coat. To get the details you see in the image, use a small paint brush dripped in darker green paint. Black circles form the eyes and white dots bring the eyes to life!

Image courtesy of Crafty Morning

Word Rocks

Leave a little inspiration in your garden with word rocks. Include whatever words or phrases you want, depending on the message you want to convey and the size of your rocks. A few ideas include Achieve, Believe, Blessed, Courage, Discover, Explore, Smile, Laugh Freely, Rest & Relax, and Seek Adventure. You could also make word rocks to label what’s growing in your flower bed.

Paint the front of a rounded stone any color you want. Metallic paint will stand out in your flower bed. Let the paint dry. Then, instead of trying to paint on words and tiny details, Dabbles and Babbles suggests using Sharpies and other decorative pens for a stunning end result.

Image courtesy of Dabbles and Babbles

Insect Rocks

From bumble bees and ladybugs to butterflies and dragonflies, you can paint rocks a whole slew of different insects to decorate your flower bed. In the case of bumble bees and ladybugs, the insect body may take up the entire rock, but Activities for Boys points out that for butterflies and dragonflies, you can paint the shape without following the contours of the stone. This gives you more freedom to choose rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Image courtesy of Activities for Boys

Rocks with Intricate Designs

You don’t have to use paint to make rocks colorful artwork. Thrive 360 Living explains how you can use bold-point gel pens and neon markers to draw all kinds of fun designs on rocks for your flower bed. From rainbows and hearts to intricate radial designs, your creations can be as unique as you are.

Just remember to protect your artwork with a spray-on clear matte sealant before placing the newly decorated rocks in your garden. Your local craft store should have what you need.

Image courtesy of Thrive 360 Living

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