History of the Garden Gnome

The History of the Garden Gnome

When you drive around your neighborhood, you may see some of the neighbors sporting a gnome in their front yard. You think nothing of it, as gnomes are typically used as a cute little garden accessory by some folks, but the origins of garden gnomes date all the way back to the 1800s. Gnomes in the past had a far different use than the gnomes today.

garden gnome sportsOrigins of the Garden Gnome

In old folk tales, gnomes were described as small creatures that dwelled in the forests, and legend has it, they could live up to four hundred years. They were also known to help around the field by performing tasks such as raking and planting, which is why the earlier garden gnomes can be seen carrying equipment like shovel and rakes. This is opposed to recent gnomes who are produced to appear relaxing (or cheering on their favorite sports team like this one!)

Birthplace of the Garden Gnome

The first set of garden gnomes were manufactured in Germany. The original gnomes were made out of clay in the early 1garden-gnome-history800s. It wasn’t until the 1870s that Germany started mass-producing these gnomes when their popularity began to rise. However, due to the world wars, Germany had to cut back on gnome production so the plastic gnomes began to take over.

The Uses of the Garden Gnomes

In the past, garden gnomes were used as a form of protection. They protected people’s valuables that may be buried underground. Nowadays, some farmers use gnomes because they are believed to increase their production of crops, and they also look over their livestock by protecting them against thieves and pests. Homeowners with a whimsical side use them as a token of good luck!

Are Garden Gnomes For You?

Garden gnomes have evolved over time, both in their uses and appearances. Many people enjoy having them on their lawn as it gives their yard a little personality. If you want to learn more about garden gnomes, you can visit History of Gnomes.

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