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Wood Stained Deck

Summer is almost here, and that means longer days, outdoor cookouts, and spending time on the exterior of our homes. Before you dust off the grill, now is a good time to consider having your outdoor deck and fence properly sealed. Did you know that the rain, sun and wind all contribute to the deterioration of your outdoor wood? At ProTect Painters, we recommend having these wooden surfaces checked every spring to ensure they last for many summers to come!

Choosing interior paint colors is a simple task when compared to selecting a stain for your deck. Inside, your decisions mainly revolve around personal tastes. For a deck, you must take into consideration the exterior color scheme of your home, intensity of the sun, the grain of the deck — do you want to hide or highlight it? — and surrounding landscaping.

We've looked at the offerings and rounded up a few on-trend colors from leading paint manufacturers Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr to help you decide on the final palette for your deck.


SW 3535 Foliage Stain Color

SW 3535 Foliage — Exterior Semi-Transparent Stain: This paint company's deck stain offerings lean more toward the natural world for inspiration. A green such as this one brings to mind mossy tree bark, making it perfect for a home on a tree-heavy property if you want to blend into the wooded environment.

SW 3047 Almond Tree Stain Color

SW 3047 Almond Tree — Exterior Solid Stain: A rich neutral that lets its surroundings sing, this hue proves popular with homeowners who want a contrast to home with a bold exterior color scheme. Remember: a neutral can also make a statement, just a quieter one.

Sherwin-Williams offers 51 semi-transparent stain colors and 48 solid, with the latter offering more hues than can stand on their own as opposed to simply adding a touch of color while highlighting a wood's natural beauty. Read more about selecting the perfect stain.

Benjamin Moore

Abbey Brown Stain Color

Abbey Brown — This rich brown stain fits complements modern architecture and chic decor. The company suggests pairing it with lighter-colored furniture and bright accents for a contemporary design.

Stonehenge Stain Color

Stonehenge — If you want a more neutral backdrop for your deck but still want the hue to have presence, this washed grey stain delivers. Colorful decor and landscaping will pop against it, and because it takes a backseat you can change up your cushions and other items each year without worrying about clashing.

Benjamin Moore offers semi-transparent and semi-solid stains in 75 different colors. Solid stains can be custom-tinted with any of the company's hues, giving you a seemingly unlimited number of options.


Light Lead Stain Color

Light Lead — Behr also recognizes that grey is a hot trend for 2015. Just like Stonehenge from Benjamin Moore, this color makes a quiet statement while allowing other items on your deck to take the lead. If you like grey but want more punch, check out Harbor Grey or Drift Grey, two options with a bit more saturation.

Bordeaux Stain Color

Bordeaux — If you want the deck to be a focal point of your home's exterior, look to the hot reds available this year from Behr. This one has a dramatic effect, which crisp white furnishings and decor can pop against. When opting for such a bold color, be sure to live with it for a few weeks on a small area of your deck to ensure you will be happy with it long-term.

Behr offers 54 colors alone in its Deck Over collection, with 54 solid, 54 semi-transparent, and nine transparent options available as well.

What Are Opacities?

Paint companies keep certain deck stain colors, from transparent to solid, in their inventory from year to year. These are basic hues that remain popular with homeowners. Natural/translucent stains show off your wood grain and give the space a more natural-look. Semi-solids and solids are a bolder choice and provide a more uniform finish.

We recommend, if you really want to make a statement with your deck, opt for the a more opaque version of one of these on-trend colors.

If you would like further guidance as you choose stain colors for your deck, please schedule a free estimate with one of our professional painters. We can help from color selection through job completion.


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