Modern Paint Color Ideas

What does "modern" mean when it comes to interior design? Sleek furniture, minimalist décor, and a simple paint palette. Today's modern colors go well beyond black, white, and gray, though those standbys still prove popular. Let's take a look at modern paint colors standing out in 2014 from Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore.

Blacks, Whites, Grays and Beyond

Behr-A-Timeless-Appeal-Living-RoomBehr pairs the not-quite black of Beluga with Aqua Breeze and Cascade White in this living room to create a cool, neutral color scheme. The black also turns the stairs into a statement piece and ties together furnishings and floor covers.

The West Elm Collection from Sherwin-Williams features decidedly modern hues to match the store's style. Tricorn Black and Incredible White represent their end of the spectrum, with Cityscape, Folkstone, Homburg Gray, and Monorail Silver sitting in between. The black, white, and any of the silvers would make a sleek trio.

Benjamin-Moore-Living-Room-New-Hope-GrayBenjamin Moore presents one of its most modern palettes without the black, using New Hope Gray as the main color and Lancaster Whitewash on the trim. The deep lavender, almost gray of Tempest adorns bookshelf inserts.

When creating a color scheme using black, white and gray, be sure to offset darker colors with light. The previously mentioned Behr room uses lighter paint colors on the walls and trim to keep the black leather furniture from weighing the room down. Also continue the coolness of a palette through to all hardware finishes and metal décor, opting for brushed nickel and the like.

Big Bold Colors

Behr recommends using a bold color as an accent wall within a modern room. In this bathroom, it paints one wall in Academy Purple to make a stylish statement. Gobi Desert coves the others, with Thick Chocolate as an inset color around the mirrors. Additional décor in the room picks up on the deep eggplant.

Sherwin-Williams-Artistically-Bright-Family-RoomIn its Artistically Bright palette, Sherwin-Williams offers intense colors such as the teal of Gulfstream and the fire of Ablaze. Gold Crest and Juneberry also will make a modern statement. Even the Bohemian Black and Extra White would have a strong presence in such a palette.

Benjamin Moore uses a bold color on the ceiling in this masterfully modern living room. With Midnight Navy up high, Pale Avocado covers the walls to keep the room light. Both colors show up in décor and furnishings.

If you have never gone beyond simple neutrals before, use paint swatches to fall for bolder colors over the course of a few days as opposed to realizing that you don't love them after the fact.

Tips for Creating a Modern Room

When pulling together a room with modern décor, keep minimalism and symmetry in mind. Do not over-decorate, and be sure that items of all sizes are in balance, whether that be through furniture placement in the room or on a bookshelf. To keep furniture moving to a minimum, measure the room and the furniture, and then use the info to create a floor plan. Erasing on a piece of paper takes much less muscle power.

  • Keep within the color scheme as much as possible to maintain the simple nature of the room. The benefits of choosing a simple color palette go out the window if you pile on too many hues afterwards.
  • Consider a neutral palette if you like to change items such as throw pillows and artwork regularly. This will allow you to change the look and feel of a room without starting from scratch.
  • Stick with simple textures and shapes as well in a modern room. You do not want to clutter the design aesthetic with busy fabrics on upholstery or through highly textured accessories.

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