Best Paint Colors of 2014

Spring is an excellent time to deep clean the home and perform minor repairs. Such attention can bring to light the need for another to-do, though: repainting. If you recently decided to give your walls a fresh coat, consider these best paint colors of 2014.


Sherwin-Williams-DiaphanousWith spring on the mind, you might be drawn to this company’s 2014 Diaphanous paint color palette. Sherwin-Williams describes it as "light, delicate and translucent." Various combinations work in any room of the home. Malted Milk or Spun Sugar with Westhighland White sets a soft, airy tone in the kitchen, one that brings to mind baked goods and other sweet stuffs. The gray of Fleur De Sel or Albaca suits a modern bedroom that has furniture with clean lines and cool metal hardware.

The Intrinsic palette makes a bolder statement, one with global influences. Says Sherwin-Williams: "Handmade lace, embroidery, batik and other ethnic dyeing techniques lend an earthy, folkloric aesthetic to this new Bohemianism." The bright violet of Dynamo makes a striking accent wall in feminine bedroom or living room, with the bright blue of Capri offering the same for a room for either sex.


Behr-Seaside-HarmonyThis leading paint company introduced its 2014 color trends in four different styles. Its Seaside Harmony style will tempt you. It pulls inspiration from the "colors of the coastline: sea glass greens, warm white beach sand, and the peaches and soft blues of the ocean sky at sunset." The cool aqua of Ocean Liner sets a beachy tone in this dining room, with contrast by the warm white Miami Weiss on trim and Miami Peach on the ceiling. The lighter Sky Blue accents window alcoves.

Behr also shows colors from this style in a living room. South Peach on the walls and Sky Blue on the ceiling create a decidedly Miami atmosphere.


Glidden-Deep-Forest-GreenA standout color palette from Glidden in 2014 is Colors From Rome. Deep Forest Pine could just as easily be spotted on a front door in the Piazza Navona as it could on the walls of a living room here in the States. Stone White on the trim continues the theme.

Mid Day Mocha and Palest Lavender bring to mind the stone arches and flowering greenery of the Italian city, making them a perfect paint color combination for a bedroom. Cool Cobalt looks pulled directly from one of the many beautiful frescos around town and makes a striking accent wall for any room.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin-Moore-Breath-of-Fresh-AirBenjamin Moore's 2014 color of the year, Breath of Fresh Air, gets quite a bit of attention as an airy blue that provokes an ethereal mood. That being said, the New Neutral collection from which it comes has many other colors worthy of high praise.

Peach Parfait has a lightness not often found in colors of this hue, allowing you to use in most any room of the home without it feeling too sweet or too young. Ground it further with Café Mocha and Deep Caviar. The deep purple of Super Nova feels rich, warming up with Hidden Oaks and Crème Brulee or cooling down with Country Green and Butterfield.

The whites of this collection also impress. Distant Gray and White Dove both work as wall and trim colors, with the former striking a cooler tone and the latter providing a touch of warmth. On walls, they serve as a backdrop but also make stylish statements of their own.

With all of these best paint colors of 2014, keep in mind trendiness vs. timeliness when making choices. If you enjoy regularly updating the colors in your home, don’t be afraid to make a bolder choice. If you prefer to keep the color the life of a paint job, opt for a classic that can stand the test of time and changing design trends.

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