Beige & Cream Paint Colors

Beige and cream will always be popular paint colors, as both serve as neutrals when used alone. By definition, beige is a light yellowish brown. Cream is a pale yellow. Either can set a calm, relaxing tone in a room. Take a look at some standout beige and cream offerings from leading paint companies Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden and Benjamin Moore.


Behr-Creamsicle-Dreams-Sunset-Beige-BathBehr has 29 colors alone called beige, and even more with less direct names. Country Beige has sandy undertones, while Clay Beige brings in a bit of gray. Honey Beige pulls in yellow, and Winsome Beige does the same with pink. Winsome Beige can take on a feminine feel when paired with Pearl Violet, or it can veer toward the masculine if used with the green of Grasshopper Wing.

The 268 cream offerings from the company include the dependable Custard Cream but also the unexpected Cilantro Cream. When in a palette with a bold color such as the red Haitian Flower, it allows the stronger color to pop. When used with the lighter Celery Ice and darker Oregano Spice, it creates a close-to monochromatic look that proves far from boring.


Sherwin-Williams-DiaphanousThe Diaphanous color palette from Sherwin-Williams includes several shades of beige and cream, including the aptly named Beige. The darker Balanced Beige gets its moniker from the browns mixed in. Both pair well with the dustier colors in the collection, Sandbank and Malted Milk.

Steamed Milk and Westland White offer creamier options. These are just a few of the more than 700 beige and cream options available from the paint company.


Glidden-Honey-Beige-KitchenAntique Beige and Honey Beige are two standouts from this company. When used with Antique Silver and French Gray, Antique Beige sets a warm, but sophisticated tone. Honey Beige, when in a palette with Soothing Lavender and Palest Lavender, creates an interesting contrast and turns the walls into works of art themselves.

Creamy Buttermilk looks like exactly that and turns a room sunny when used with Belgian Waffle and White on White.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin-Moore-Clay-Beige-BedroomThis paint company's New Neutral color palette includes Clay Beige, soft and subtle when used with a barely contrasting white. It becomes part of a rich color family when in a palette of the browns Algonquin Trail and Revolutionary Storm.

From the nearly 100 creams from Benjamin Moore, Creamy Beige includes the best of both neutral worlds by adding a touch of orange to introduce a soft, delicate glow.

Tips for Using Beige and Cream Paint Colors

Because beige and cream can take on characteristics of colors they are used with, you should pick these colors last if they are not taking the lead. One beige or cream might not look right with all of your bolder front-runners. Mix and match until you find a combination that works well together.

If you want a light, airy feeling in a room, steer toward cream as opposed to beige. Creams work well in traditional décor schemes, while beiges lend themselves more to a modern aesthetic.

Keep light in mind when making your final decision. Rooms that get a lot of sun may benefit more from a darker beige than a lighter cream. Again, mix and match and sample on the walls to see which works best in a specific room.

Finally, don’t feel like you are taking a less stylish route if you choose a beige or cream. If you like the color, embrace it. Also know that using these neutrals allows you to change other elements of your décor more often. Can your neighbor with the bold accent walls do the same? Also, beiges and creams are excellent investments if you see selling your home within the lifetime of the paint job, as buyers find it easier to imagine making it their own.

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