Living Room Colors

When it comes to paint color, you have more freedom in the living room than anywhere else in the house. You need not worry about setting a serene tone, such as in the bedroom, or stimulating the appetite, like in the kitchen, because this space serves multiple purposes. Check out these paint colors from industry leaders Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden and Benjamin Moore to see how varied your options are in this area.


Behr-Seaside-Harmony-Living-RoomSeaside Harmony-This color palette creates an inviting, relaxed and breezy living room. Sky Blue on the ceiling meets South Peach on the walls, reflecting what you might find above and below at the beach. Miami Weiss, a warm off white, adorns the trim.

Natural Avocation-The colors in this collection pull from science for a bright yet still comfortably relaxed sitting room. The yellow of Sunday Afternoon covers the walls, with the light Soirée on the overall trim and Arboretum green accenting the fireplace.


Sherwin-Williams-Reasoned-PaletteReasoned-The grays, blacks and whites in this color palette suit a modern design sensibility. Grays range from light to dark with Agreeable Gray and Crushed Ice featuring just a hint and Earl Gray and Gauntlet Classic French Gray offering more saturation. Gauntlet Gray and Peppercorn sit in the middle, transitioning to Tricorn Black. Extra White provides contrast no matter the color paired with it.

Curiosity-This color palette draws from bio-design and includes colors that might not seem harmonious at first glance. Mix and match to make them sing in your living room. Among the options are the bold Blue Peacock, Antiquarian Brown, Quixotic Plum, Relic Bronze and Show Stopper. Anew Gray, Sealskin and Library Pewter serve as neutrals, with Enigma and Exclusive Plum doing the same but with a twinge of purple.


Glidden-Cool-Cobalt-Living-RoomCool Cobalt-Blue does not prove a common choice for living rooms, but when used to create a modern monochromatic look it makes a statement like in this example. Hang art of varying sizes throughout the room to create a comfortable gallery-like atmosphere.

Pink Salmon and Red Grapefruit-For a living room with a decidedly youthful and feminine feel, use this bright combination. The bolder Pink Salmon covers the accent wall, giving way to the lighter Red Grapefruit. Accent with whites and neutrals to balance the room.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin-Moore-Sparrow-Living-RoomSparrow-From its New Neutral color palette, this color pulls its inspiration from the stone walls surrounding the Connecticut Farmhouse that uses it in its living room.

Palladian Blue-The almost green of this color suits a light, airy living room such as this one. It adds just enough color to the room, allowing the dark browns of the furniture, wood floors and window trim to provide the anchor.

Tempest-Purple in the living room? Why not, especially when it’s this elegant shade, pair with the creamy white of Subtle on the ceiling and Handmade on the ceiling beams. This color combination suits both a modern design aesthetic and a more traditional, romantic one.

Color Flow Tips

And just as you have more freedom when it comes to paint color in the living room, you also have more need to ensure colors flow into other rooms because of the lack of doors.

To create color flow, here are some tips from Benjamin Moore:

  • Use lighter and darker shades of the same color throughout your home; the company suggests bringing a fan deck when paint shopping
  • Create continuity by selecting hues with similar undertones
  • Choose three to five favorite colors, then alternate the primary, secondary and accent colors for each room
  • As always, your professional painter also can help choose colors that work in your living room and beyond.

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