Red and Pink Interior Paint Colors

Red and its lighter shade pink are definitely not neutral. Both are confident colors that immediately transform the look and feel of a room. Red stimulates, working well in dining rooms as it increases the appetite as well as conversation. Pink can add a punch of bright and sweeten a space if lighter. Consider it for rooms other than those of a baby girl.

The leading paint manufacturers offer varying hues of both colors from which to choose. Here are standouts from Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Glidden.

Behr Red & Pink Paint Colors

Behr-Morocco-Red-Spice-it-Up-Kitchen Morocco Red- This spicy color creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a kitchen, complementing honey-stained cabinetry and natural stone floors. Pair it with Cotton Knit on the ceiling to keep the room light.

Antique Red - On an accent wall, this shade anchors a living room and contrasts nicely with Gobi Desert on adjacent walls and Ultra Pure White on trim. Pick up the red in wall shades and pillows to tie the room together nicely.

Spring Song - This creamy pink creates a decidedly feminine feel in a bathroom, but does not overwhelm with sweetness thanks to accent colors of Celery Sprig and Sea Salt. Use with romantic décor and furnishings for the ultimate escape.

Sherwin-Williams Red & Pink Paint Colors

Sherwin-Williams-Ablaze-Intrinsic-Living-RoomAblaze- To create a global melting pot in your living room, coat the walls with this color on one wall or several, if using lighter colors for furniture to offset. The neutral Ramie contrasts nicely with the bold color but does not temper its power too much.

Show Stopper - A more glamorous red, this one sets a more sophisticated tone. Use in the bedroom with more muted bedding, letting the paint color do the talking.

Fussy Pink & Lighthearted Pink - From the company’s paint color collection for Pottery Barn Kids, these two contrasting shades can be used alone or together in a girl’s bedroom. The darker Fussy Pink would transition well into the tween years, as it has a more mature pop than the sweeter hue.

Benjamin Moore Red & Pink Paint Colors

Benjamin-Moore-Spa-Red-BathroomRaspberry Truffle - This decadent, deeply rich red creates a stately ambiance in a bathroom, no matter the size. Complement with Mayonnaise and Hasbrouck Brown to further elevate the room.

Wild Flower - A more coral hue, it warms a kitchen and works with a variety of décor styles, from country to contemporary. Accent colors Powell Buff and Sugar Cookie add to the creaminess of the color palette.

Royal Flush - A young girl who loves pink need not give it up once an adult. This almost magenta shade on an accent wall suits an urban setting and contemporary furniture. Paper Mache on the remaining walls keeps the powerful color from overpowering a bedroom.

Glidden Red & Pink Paint Colors

Glidden-Pink-Salmon-Red-Grapefruit-Living-RoomPink Salmon & Red Grapefruit - The first color straddles the line between red and pink, allowing it to work in a variety of spaces, from a teen’s bedroom to a modern woman’s living room when paired with the second, a sweet hue within the same family.

Bold Sangria - A wine-colored accent wall creates a dramatic focal point in a dining room, with the adjacent Barely Jade not lessening the impact.

If you are new to red and pink as interior paint colors, take a small step by using one on an accent wall. You also can use a red or pink as an accent itself, adding a bit of the color in at your comfort level. Of course, if you have always wanted a red dining room or a pink bedroom, be bold and go for it.

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