Kitchen Colors for 2014

While yellow and red will remain popular for the kitchen because of their ability to stimulate the appetite, each new year brings with it new color collections for this important gathering place in the home. Let’s take a look at the latest from leading paint companies, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden, and Benjamin Moore.


Behr-Urban-Alternative-KitchenIn its 2014 Urban Alternative palette, the company introduces earthbound and weathered colors. In this loft-style kitchen, the olive of Boho on the walls, the burnt orange of Hipsterfication on the lower cabinets and the grayed brown of Coffee Bar accents on cupboard doors, counter top and the island. The result: an updated industrial look that proves both flexible and functional.

Other 2014 color collections from Behr include Seaside Harmony, inspired by the colors of the coastline with sea glass greens, warm white beach sand, and the peaches and soft blues of the ocean sky at sunset. Grand Reign looks back to the late 19th and early 20th century for a stately and opulent palette that pulls from luscious jewel tones in ruby, topaz, sapphire and tourmaline. And Natural Avocation draws from the curiosities of science, with glittering bright colors reflective of the heavens and shadowy jungle green and baked earth brown feeling a little closer to home.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin-Moore-Stonington-Gray-KitchenThe2014 Northern Roots palette from Benjamin Moore gets its inspiration from the wondrous beauty of a well-worn, wind-beaten farmhouse, with rich grays and taupes working alongside deep, complex neutrals. In this farmhouse-style kitchen, the lighter Stonington Gray provides a matte finish on the walls, with the satin of Iron Mountain giving the cabinets and other woodwork a deeper, darker weight.

These colors pull from the company’s overall trend for 2014: the “New” Neutral. The palette features a lighter touch, with only hints and whispers of color, shifting away from gray to tints of blues, greens, lavenders and pinks.


Sherwin-Williams-Gentle-Medley-KitchenOne of the current kitchen palettes from this paint company is Gentle Medley. These hues are delicate without being sweet, subdued without being shy and all thoroughly modern. In this light, airy kitchen, Chartreuse, covers the walls, with the mint of Supreme Green on the island making stand out from the rest of the kitchen. The melon of Chivalry Copper peeks through from the hallway, allowing for a pleasant transition between rooms.

The 2014 Intrinsic color palette from Sherwin-Williams also will find its way into kitchens, especially the bright Ablaze and Raucous Orange. Overall, the palette serves as a new appreciation of native peoples origins and crafts, with the handmade lace, embroidery, batik and other ethnic dyeing techniques lending an earthy, folkloric aesthetic to this new Bohemianism.


Glidden-Bright-Black-Raspberry-KitchenThe paint company chose untraditional colors for one if its examples of how to execute 2014 colors. In this contemporary kitchen, the dark Bright Black Raspberry creates an accent wall and anchors the room, with the cool and refreshing green of Mint Shake keeping the room feeling light and airy on the others. The muted Cameo Stone on the island completes the room with a subtle earthiness.

Choosing Your Kitchen Paint Colors

Unless you plan to follow the latest trends each year, pick a color both fresh and a favorite. That way, you will be happy with it for several years to come and will get the most out of the expense and effort of the paint job. Try out the finalists before purchasing paint, either by hanging color cards in your kitchen or, better yet, by having your professional painter apply samples in the room. That way, you can best see how it reacts to your particular surfaces and to the varying amounts of light during the day and night.

This post is a part of our 2014 Paint Colors and trends series.

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