Designer Ideas for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen needs a new look, but a full remodel isn’t in the budget, consider painting the cabinets. This smaller project will update the room but not cost you the time and expense of starting from scratch. Use these designer ideas as a source of inspiration when taking the first step in the process: deciding on the color palette for your kitchen cabinets. We also give you an idea of what the painting process will involve.

Benjamin-Moore-Province-BlueA One-Color Kitchen

One way to make a bold statement in the kitchen is to choose one color and stick with it throughout. This simple, sophisticated kitchen by Benjamin Moore uses Province Blue not only on the cabinets, but also on the adjacent walls. White makes the window frame and ceiling pop, with the white marble countertops keeping the blue from overwhelming the room.

Two-Color Cabinets

Another option is to create a focal point in the kitchen by painting one section of cabinets a different color than the others. This draws the eye to that area, which you can further emphasize by removing the doors to create open cabinets or by replacing them with glass fronts and painting the cabinet backs as well. The items in these cabinets, such as stunning stemware or a collection of cookbooks, serve as artwork in the room. Also consider this concept for an island or a bar. By painting the cabinetry below a different color, you recognize the importance of this center point in the room.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Once you decide on the design and color palette for your kitchen cabinets, be sure to you use the correct paint for the job. A semi-gloss paint works best as it offers good stain resistance and allows for regular cleaning.

In addition to sufficient paint to cover all of your cabinet surfaces, you will need the usual painting supplies plus a cordless drill or screwdriver for removing and reinstalling the hardware-or installing new hardware if you are updating it as well.

And just as with other projects, prep is key to a smooth, long-lasting paint job. Plan to remove all cabinet doors and drawers and to clean, sand, clean again and prime all of the surfaces. Be sure to cover any surfaces not being painted to make cleanup easier. This project should take about four to five days, depending on the number of cabinets you have.

Brushing vs. Spraying vs. Both

Professionals actually recommend both brushing and spraying for this type of painting project. A brush works best on the cabinet boxes and face frames, allowing you to keep the paint finish smooth and not create a mess as you would if using a spray for this purpose. A sprayer does provide a superior finish for the doors and door fronts.

No matter which application method you use on the doors and door fronts, keep them flat and level until they are dry to the touch. Only reinstall them when doors are completely dry, which can take up to two days depending on the weather.

Hiring a Professional Painter

You may decide you have the design element of this project covered but need help with the execution. A professional painter delivers professional results, and you will have your kitchen back in a shorter amount of time. That being said, this can be an excellent project for a DIY person with previous panting experience, a friend with a sprayer, and a flexible schedule. Just be prepared to take your time and pay attention to detail, or a noticeable brush stroke or less than smooth door front will bug you every time you are in the kitchen.

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