2014 Bedroom Paint Colors

recent survey conducted by hotel chain Travelodge found that yellow, blue, and green are the paint colors that lead to the best night’s sleep. The 2014 color palettes include more than a few of these hues. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites from industry leaders Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden and Benjamin Moore.

Behr Bedroom Colors

Cloisonné Blue - Part of the company’s new Grand Reign color palette, it covers the walls of this romantic bedroom. The almost-gold of Coronation highlights the blue panels, with the dusty pink of Minuet Rose providing the perfect contrast on both the ceiling and in the dressing area. The creamy Grand Soirée helps to keep the room from feeling too saturated.

Green Myth - Use this color to create a bedroom reminiscent of the Caribbean. In this example, it pairs with Polar Bear at the trim for a crisp, energizing space. Black, teal and red serve as accents in the room to provide a balance.

Sherwin-Williams 12 Color Bedroom Palette

Sherwin-Williams-Raindrop-West-Elm-BedroomWest Elm - The paint company partners with the cool furniture store again this year, presenting a 12-color palette. The blues include Raindrop and Hyperblue, providing subtlety and energy, respectively. Parakeet serves as the green in this collection of colors and suits a nature-inspired room well. Lemon Twist adds sunshine and cheer to any bedroom.

Intrinsic - In its 2014 color forecast, the company presents this new palette. Within it are several options for colors that allow for a good night’s sleep. Capri provides a pop of bright ocean blue, while Georgian Bay represents the darker blue of the sea in late afternoon light. Houseplant green looks exactly like its name. And Ceremonial Gold would create an award-winning bedroom.

Glidden Bedroom Themes

Glidden-Fresh-Hyacinth-BedroomFresh Hyacinth - This breezy blue-violet gives this room a cool, serene feeling without veering too close to purple. It ranked as one of the least sleep-inducing colors in the survey. The white of Glistening Moonlight on cabinets, shelving, trim and bed frame keep the room from feeling bright, and the black accents balance the lightness.

Dark Eucalyptus Leaf - Another nature-inspired color, this one works well for a bedroom with a botanical theme. Use with Toasted Coconut and Antique White to balance and lighten the darker green.

Benjamin Moore Colors

New Neutral - The 2014 color palette by this company lends itself well to a good night’s sleep, as it contains more than a few blues and greens. Breath of Fresh Air, its color of the year, creates an almost ethereal atmosphere in the bedroom. Van Deusen Blue offers a darker, more formal option, withNormandy falling between the two.Palladian Blue veers almost toward green on the color wheel, as doesCaribbean Teal. Van Alen Green offers a true green touched by light.

Benjamin-Moore-Citrine-BedroomCitrine - The New Neutral palette may not contain a yellow, but there are plenty of options elsewhere within the company’s collections. This stylish, rich yellow brightens the bedroom, with Dune White on the ceiling and the brown of Silhouette as an accent providing contrast.

Bronzed Beige - For a more relaxed yellow, opt for this lighter hue and create a serene, tranquil retreat. Lightning White on the ceiling and Moroccan Spice complement the yellow nicely.

Along with purple, brown and gray also ranked low on the list of colors that provide a good night's sleep. Stick with blues, greens and yellows for the most hours of sleep, according to the survey. It found that those in a blue bedroom got an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep. Those sleeping in yellow rooms got an average of 7 hours and 45 minutes of sleep, and green bedrooms helped to allow an average of 7 hours and 36 minutes.

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