Popular Paint Colors

When choosing a new paint palette for your home, looking at the most popular colors is an excellent starting point. After all, so many customers choose them for a reason. Let’s run down popular colors from leading paint companies Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Porter Paints.

Benjamin Moore

This paint manufacturer makes it easy to follow trends in paint demand by listing its best sellers by color family. The top 10 reds are:

  • Benjamin-Moore-Caliente-BathroomBoston Brick

  • Hodley Red

  • Bermuda Pink

  • Red

  • Dinner Party

  • Fox Run

  • Townsend Harbor Brown

  • Spanish Red

  • Fruited Plains

  • Caliente

If you prefer a more neutral color, the top 10 are:

  • benjamin-moore-stonington-gray-stairwayGray Owl

  • Revere Pewter

  • Stonington Gray

  • Edgecomb Gray

  • Monterey White

  • Muslin

  • Classic Gray

  • Manchester Tan

  • Bleeker Beige

  • Shaker Beige

The company also lists top 10 colors for oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, whites, browns, blacks and grays.


While this paint manufacturer does not show its colors grouped by sales online, it does share best sellers with its reps. The most recent list features an overall top 10:

  • sherwin-williams-kilim-beige-exteriorDover White

  • Kilim Beige

  • Antique White

  • Navajo White

  • Softer Tan

  • Alabaster

  • Pure White

  • Latte

  • Nomadic Desert

  • Divine White

As you can see, whites, beiges and tans dominate the list from this paint company. This makes sense for a number of reasons. First, new construction tends to veer toward neutral color palettes so as to attract a wider range of buyers. You can more easily envision living in a home with neutral walls, even if you dream of brighter colors, than you can one with hues you just do not like.

Second, these colors are also the safest choice for overall and attract existing homeowners as well who prefer to use furniture and décor to make color statements.


This paint manufacturer not only offers up its most popular colors by family, but also by room. The top 10 for blues are:

  • behr-ozone-living-roomOzone

  • Russian Blue

  • Windjammer

  • Sapphire Sparkle

  • Embellished Blue

  • Bleached Denim

  • Windsurf

  • Millstream

  • Cayman Bay

  • Cumberland Fog

And in the bedroom, the top 10 colors are:

  • behr-wasabi-powder-bedroomSandpoint

  • Classic Taupe

  • Studio Taupe

  • Chateau

  • Toffee Crunch

  • Antique White

  • Pebble Path

  • Wheat Bread

  • Wasabi Powder

  • Rejuvenate

As you can see, the top colors are neutrals, with many veering toward green, a relaxing hue perfect for a sleeping space. In contracts, the top 10 colors for the kitchen are:

  • behr-apple-crisp-kitchenAntique Red

  • Mexican Chile

  • Cantaloupe Slice

  • Pumpkin Cream

  • Peanut Butter

  • Apple Crisp

  • Swiss Coffee

  • Roman Plaster

  • Oklahoma Wheat

There are a few neutrals on this list, but the appetite-stimulating red dominates.

Porter Paints

Finally, this paint company shows its colors by family and group, with clean, muted, and neutral as the options, as well as by collection. You can glean which hues are the most popular by looking at the numbers.

The company sells 324 greens, 258 purples, 241 different blues and 205 oranges. Compare that to the three mauves it offers and you can tell which color families are most in demand by homeowners.

Where to View Popular Paint Colors

Each of these paint companies shows their complete color collection online, helping you narrow options with a variety of tools, from virtual paint chips to room visualizers that allow you to upload a photo and apply a hue.

Each manufacturer website also has a store locator if you prefer to see colors in person from the start of your search. These locations, whether standalone outlets or sections in home improvement stores, also can provide paint chips and samples to take home and test.

And, of course, your professional painter can help during any step of the selection process and also share which colors prove the most popular for your type of home and region.

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