Office Color Schemes

Just as you keep mood in mind when choosing paint colors for your home-a tranquil green for the bedroom, an appetizing red for the dining room-so should you when picking a color scheme for your office. Use these tips to do exactly that.

Consider Your Line of Work

What do you do for a living? Your profession should factor heavily into the paint colors you choose, whether for a home office or commercial space you share with others.

Blues-This hue works for a variety of professions, as it aids in concentration. It also evokes a sense of trust and security in those who work in the setting as well as in those who visit. With that in mind, businesses that offer financial or healthcare services often utilize this paint color in their offices as they want clients and patients to feel they are in good hands.

Behr-Earth-and-Sky-OfficeIn this Earth and Sky office space by Behr, the blue frames the windows, applying that mood to the view and outlook for both the resident of the office and visiting clients. The blue of Heron complements Melted Chocolate on the walls and Classic Taupe on the trim.

Greens-This paint color also works well in healthcare settings, especially that of mental health, because of the strong sense of calm and balance it evokes. Financial institutions also use it in darker hues for those same feelings as well as for the suggestion of growth and wealth.

Benjamin-Moore-Soothing-Home-Office-SpaceThe color palette for this Soothing Home Office Space by Benjamin Moore would suit a therapist perfectly. It uses Tree Moss on the walls and trims the room in Mountain Peak White. Branchport Brown serves as the accent color, grounding the room throughout.

Reds-If your line of work requires you to be productive physically, opt for this stimulating color. Physical trainers who paint their space with a red accent wall keep clients motivated and working toward their goals.

Benjamin-Moore-Earthy-Yellow-Home-OfficeYellows-If your job requires sparks of creativity throughout the day, look at different shades of yellow as it inspires new ideas and sets a playful tone. Designers, writers, artists and others in creative professions benefit from having yellow in their workspaces.

This Earthy Yellow Home Office Space by Benjamin Moore would suit a graphic designer well. Dijon coats the walls, with Deep in Thought doing its job on the trim and door. The blond finish on the furniture and complementary chrome keep the room airy and light.

Other Tips for Choosing Office Paint Colors

Keep it simple. Too many colors can create a confusing, hectic mood that distracts both you and visitors. Choose one main color and complementary hues for accents and trim. If you choose multiple groupings for a larger complex, keep in mind that the vantage points throughout the office. What colors can you see through open doors? Do the colors schemes in each room flow from one to the other? They should.

Brighten things up. For common areas used for collaboration, such as conference rooms, keep the color scheme bright to spark creativity as noted above. Your employees won’t find a space with plain white walls conducive to coming up with big ideas that will boost your business.

Ask for input. If you do own a business with multiple employees working in a space, include them in the creative process. The final decision will be up to you, of course, but getting the input of those who will share the office with you 40-plus hours a week will make it a collaborative effort. Just don’t ask everyone to pitch in on the painting itself. Hire professionals for that.

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