Purple & Lavender Paint Colors

Purple and lavender are popular bedroom colors, but they also work well in other areas of the home. The color symbolizes royalty and wealth as well as wisdom and spirituality. Consider it for dining rooms, living rooms and studies, too, whether as a dominant color or on an accent wall. Here are a few favorite hues from leading paint companies Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden, and Benjamin Moore.


Plum Swirl-In this contemporary dining room, Plum Swirl on the walls serves as a sophisticated backdrop for dinner parties and other social gatherings. The white of Nude on the wall and window trim balances the purple paint and dark furnishings.

Plum Frost-A living room becomes airy and romantic with the almost lavender of Plum Frost and the contrasting white of Pale Bud. Mixing with greens, reds, blues and pinks gives this room an eclectic feel that highlights the purple even further.


Exclusive-Plum-Sherwin-WilliamsExclusive Plum-The company chose this as its 2014 Color of the Year. The sophisticated violet offers a balance of cool blue and feisty red with a splash of gray. It suggests Exclusive Plum for a cozy masculine den when paired with accents of copper and well-worn leather. The color also makes a statement when used against white tile and chrome fixtures in this bathroom.

Grape Mist-In its Pottery Barn Kids collection, this sweet hue would create a dreamy bedroom for a little girl. Lavender offers a restful quality to a bedroom, after all. When paired with Lemon Chiffon in the same collection, it takes on a creamy tone as well.


Morning Heather-This study takes its users on an adventure thanks to this bold purple on an accent wall. The light, gray-blue of Quiet Rain on adjacent walls balances the strong color and the room as well as the dark wood furniture.

Essence of Lilac-The soft violet of this color gives this dining room a spacious feeling while balancing the neutral, mid-tone flooring and brighter colors of adjacent rooms.

Benjamin Moore

Lavender Mist-The company’s New Neutral color palette for 2014 includes this ethereal lavender. It suggests using the hue with Slate Blue and Iced Mist to bring in a touch more color and with Englewood Cliffs and Oxford White to stick to a more neutral feel. Both combinations would work well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Iced Mauve-This color offers a more dusky option. The company combines it with Phillipsburg Blue and Rust for a surprising but complementary palette. Such colors would work well in a study or home office.

Super Nova-The darkest member of the purple family in the New Neutral collection, this color would create a dramatic bedroom when used with Country Green and Butterfield.

More Uses for Purples & Lavenders

Lavender also can be an option for the kitchen, one you might not have ever considered. When used with stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry, lighter purples create a sleek, sophisticated room.

Also look at purple when painting a hallway, as it can make an interesting transition between more rooms with more neutral color schemes. When used with patterned wallpaper, the effect can be even more dramatic.

Purples and lavenders also can be used together in contrasting shades for a monochromatic but not quite effect. As with all color choices, be sure to apply samples before painting an entire room. That way, if the hues together are not to your liking you can move on to other combinations. Your professional painter can provide sample cans as well as apply them in the right spot to catch the changing light of the day and night.

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