Painting a Wrought Iron Fence - Should I Hire a Professional?

Photo: bambe1964 on Flicker

Photo: bambe1964 on Flicker

Should you hire a professional to paint your home's wrought iron fence? That depends. Does it simply need touchups here and there? Or are large areas rusted and in disrepair? Understanding what the process involves will help you decide between the DIY route and outsourcing this task to a pro.

Thoroughly Clean the Wrought Iron Fence

If only painting small sections, you can wash the areas by hand using warm soapy water and a scouring pad. A power washer will be needed if cleaning the entire fence line. It will remove all flaking and help with layers of rust or corrosion. Follow the washer's instructions to ensure you use the appropriately sized nozzle, one that will get the job done without damaging the fence.

Prep the Fence for Painting

Go back over the fence to find any remaining rust and corrosion. Use the appropriate tool to remove them, such as a wire brush or grinder with wheel attachment. You can fill any holes left behind with epoxy metal putty. Next, sand the entire fence line. Doing so will help the paint adhere correctly, lengthening the life of the paint job.

Choose a Paint Application Method

Again, the method you choose depends on the size of the project. If only painting small sections, a brush and roller will suit your needs. A paint sprayer makes more sense if painting the entire fence line. Using a sprayer comes with additional prep.

Instead of simply covering the ground under the particular area you are painting by hand, you will need to cover everything and anything overspray may reach. That can mean the ground, home exteriors, and the driveway. Keep in mind what could reach neighboring homes and driveways, as well. Using a sprayer also requires purchasing twice as much paint, as about half becomes overspray unless you use electrostatic painting, or e-coating methods.

Electrostatic application allows the work to be done quickly and efficiently. It also offers the best result. The process involves paint in the form of powdered particles or atomized liquid sprayed using an electrostatic charge. This allows for 95 percent of the paint to be utilized.

DIY or Pro?

Wrought Iron Fence

Photo: John Knox on Flickr

As noted above, several factors must be considered when making this decision. The average homeowner can handle small touchups on a wrought iron fence. If painting the entire fence, though, or even several sections, it makes sense to hire a professional painter.

A pro can expertly assess the state of your fence and recommend work that will reduce the frequency of repainting. A professional painting company also already has the equipment needed to do the best work, allowing you to eliminate costly rental fees-power washer and sprayer-from the budget for this project.

A pro also can do the work in a fraction of the time it takes a DIYer. Consider the time it will take to thoroughly clean and prep your fence, apply the paint and clean up after the work is done. Depending on the amount of fence on your property, this job could eat up multiple weekends.

A properly painted wrought iron fence adds aesthetic value to a home. It also increases its monetary value for resale. Give your home the best possible chance to make a positive first impression.

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