How to Choose Interior Paint Color

Some homeowners dread picking new paint colors. The pressure! Others embrace the opportunity to flex their creative muscles. No matter which camp you belong to, use these guidelines to choose the best interior paint colors for your home.

Consider the Mood

Research shows that color affects mood, which means the hues you pick will play an important role in your daily life. Let’s go room by room and explore the best colors for each:

Behr-sunlight-delight-kitchenKitchen/Dining Room Paint-Red stimulates the appetite, making it entirely suitable for these rooms. Use it sparingly, though, so as to not overwhelm. If red proves too powerful, opt for orange instead. It also stimulates the appetite and has an association with healthy foods, such as citrus. Yellow also works well in a kitchen, as it evokes cheerfulness. Who doesn’t want to start their day with breakfast in an uplifting room?

Sherwin-Williams-Pottery-Barn-BedroomBedroom/Bathroom Paint-For ending your day, you'll likely want a color that sets a relaxing tone. Blue and green do exactly that. Blue calms and slows metabolism. It also suppresses the appetite, helping you to ignore cravings for a midnight snack. Green ranks as the most restful color for the human eye, with aqua helping to bring about a feeling of emotional health.

Benjamin-Moore-Sparrow-Living-RoomLiving Room Paint-The color you choose for your living room depends on its use. Do you have a large family that likes to debate topics and/or play games? Consider orange for this room, too, as it increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates mental activity. If your living room serves as a place of rest and relaxation, choose a less aggressive color.

To learn more about how colors affect the way you feel, check out Choosing the Right Paint Color to Fit Your Mood post.

Factor In Existing Décor

If new furniture and décor will accompany the paint colors you choose, skip ahead to the next section. If not, take a look around the rooms you plan to paint. What are the color schemes of the furniture and accessories? They will need to serve as the starting point for creating the overall palette in a room.

We write about this topic often. If you are new to decorating, start with thePaint Color Combinations to Nail the Perfect Color Scheme! post about the 60/30/10 rule. This interior design theory states that using 60 percent of a dominant color, 30 percent of a secondary color and 10 percent of an accent color creates visual balance in a room. You will need to figure out what your existing pieces add up to in this formula, then choose complementary colors to complete the math.

To learn more decorating, visit our Color Schemes for Decorating Your Home topic page.

Look at the Lighting

Many homeowners choose paint colors in the store, never thinking to see how they will look at home-and not just at home, but also at home under all of the light conditions in the environment. You can test out favorite colors by taping color cards to the walls in a room, moving them over the course of a week to see how they look during the day and with artificial light at night.

To truly see how colors will work in a room, though, apply samples. The actual paint best reflects what the colors will look like once applied. Do this with final choices only to keep your room from looking like a painter’s palette while you make your final decision.

For best results, ask your professional painter to apply the samples just as he or she would during the painting process. Painting lighter colors over darker colors might require additional work that you might not want to do.

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