Paint your front door as it hangs

Every time your friends and family come to your home, they walk through - or at least see - the front door. A prominent staple on houses across the world, the front door can be anything from a pleasing accent complimenting the exterior color of your home to a vibrant focal point directing traffic in and out during the day.

How to paint a door like a pro!

Here are four tips on how to paint your wood front door like a pro without removing the hinges:

  • Prep: Next you'll want to inspect your door for cracks, scratches or peeling paint. Fill any cracks with quick-drying wood filler and use sandpaper to remove peeling paint - after the wood filler dries, use the same sandpaper to create an even, flush surface.
  • Prime: Most front doors don't need a coat of primer if the existing paint is in good condition and an extra coat of paint will suffice. However, doors with existing paint in poor condition can benefit from a primer coat. It's important to prime all six sides of your front door - front and back plus the four edges.
  • Paint: Now for the fun part. Lay down a drop cloth and start painting - if you don't have a screen door you may consider hanging a sheet of plastic or trap blocking your entryway from any bugs or animals outside. Start painting on the hinge side of the door allowing you to close the door as paint quickly dries. Using a tapered brush, start in the corners and recessed areas following the grain in the wood. Then switch to a foam roller and paint the rest of the door. Follow suit on the remaining coats.


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