Kids' Rooms | Ideas for Creative Kids' Bedrooms

Does your child's bedroom represent his or her personality? Or is it still decorated to mom and dad's taste? If the latter is true, give it a makeover using one of these creative ideas for kids' bedrooms.

Give Your Athlete a Sports-Themed Room


If your son or daughter has a favorite sport or team, incorporate it into the bedroom. Stencils allow you to paint on the walls shapes of players and equipment, such as a tennis racquet, baseball bat or hockey stick, for example, with balls or pucks, placed around them. If your family follows a particular team, incorporating its colors into the room is another option your child might like.

You also can use an activity as a theme, such as ballet, gymnastics or cheerleading. The same works for hobbies as well. Does your kid like to collect something? Bugs? Coins? Action figures? Incorporate whatever that is into the paint job using stencils. Keep decor within the theme to a minimum, though, to avoid creating an overwhelming atmosphere.

Go With Neutral Paint and Let the Décor Pop


For kids who change their favorite color often, paint the walls in neutral colors and allow the décor to make the style statement. Visit the Behr, Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore website and have your son or daughter to pick out 10 or so bright colors from the galleries. Next, ask your professional painter to recommend a neutral hue that would work with many of them.

Painting the walls a neutral color allows you to regularly change the décor without repainting. Pick three or four colors for the year and set a schedule for makeovers. It will give your child something to look forward to and keep the room fun and fresh.

Reflect Your Kid's Magnetic Personality


Have you ever heard of magnetic paint? It exists! One idea for incorporating it into your child's bedroom involves using it to paint a road on one wall. You can create a winding road or paint a straight one. Then attach magnets to toy cars and other items to create a vertical play space for your kid.

You can also use magnetic paint to create a bulletin board accent wall. If your son or daughter loves to take photos or create art, it will serve as a display space with potential for ever-changing exhibits.

Use His or Her Favorite Colors as Stripes


Stripes also create a fun atmosphere in a child's bedroom. They can be vertical on an accent wall or around the entire room, and they can be skinny, wide or in varying widths to create even more visual interest. Horizontal stripes can be a simple thick border around the room or alternating wide stripes of favorite colors.

When adding décor, complement busy stripes with simple bedding and furniture. For example, solid bedding and white furniture work best with striped walls in bright colors.

Let Your Kid Be the Decorator


You may be tempted to steer your son or daughter away from décor choices you would not make. Resist the urge. Let the bedroom truly reflect your child’s personality. This creates a comfortable atmosphere in which creativity can soar. As long as the room is safe and appropriate for the age, does it really matter if you love it? After all, you can simply shut the door when company comes over.

Some of the above ideas can be done DIY, especially with the stencils available today, but for the best results-and the longest lasting-rely on your professional painter to get the job done. He or she may even let your kid supervise the work.

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