Green Paint Color Ideas from Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore

When it comes to favorite colors, green ranks only behind blue. Homeowners gravitate toward the color for a variety of reasons. It brings nature indoors. The right shades of green can soothe, helping to relax the mind as well as the body. And certain hues create a sense of renewal. Whether you simply love the color or want to achieve one of these results, follow these tips when bringing green into your home.

Poke Around on Pinterest

Paint companies present their colors on cards and in context online, but the latter doesn’t happen for every shade available. Many homeowners make Pinterest their first stop when looking for decorating ideas. The photo-sharing website allows them to discover new colors, both in images from design magazines and from fellow homeowners.

When looking for green ideas, simply search "green wall color" or "green wall paint" to get results. Then browse the many images to find inspiration.

Behr Greens

This leading paint company presents a gallery for primary and secondary colors as well as brown, gray and white.


In the green collection, you will find the serene Garden View. Behr covers the walls of a study with it, providing contrast at the trim with Ultra White Pure White and creating a space for focus and reflection. It uses Shire Green in a bedroom, with Wickford Bay as an accent and Polar Bear on the trim. The result: a room inside that feels set in nature.

Benjamin Moore Greens

Benjamin Moore picked five shades as its favorite greens for the season:


Dune Grass - If you want a clean, vibrant and versatile green, choose this hue with gray undertones. It will work well with richer, heavier colors.

Tree Moss - The paint company used deep-sea glass, moss hanging in a bayou and well-worn quilts as inspiration for this sage green. It will bring the calming quality of nature indoors.

Sweet Daphne - For a bold but not too bright green, this shade brings forth images of spring, thanks to a generous dose of yellow. It will refresh any room.

Lush - Behr used blue undertones to create this warm and intense green. Think: rainforest still wet from a strong storm.

Seedling - If you want a cheerful, optimistic feeling in a room, use this green on an accent wall or as a finishing touch on shelves. Anyone who sees it will feel welcome in the space.

Sherwin-Williams Outrageous Green

To convey the energy of its Outrageous Green, the paint company shot an ad campaign featuring an actress dancing in front of a backdrop painted entirely in the hue. This green will definitely get your family members moving, making it an excellent option for a kitchen.

Sherwin-Williams has a total of 231 greens available. Envy and Direct Green offer a "true" green that pops, while Jargon Jade and Larchmere incorporate blue to create a tranquil setting. The grays of Green Trance and Dewy make them excellent neutrals.

When choosing a green paint color for your home, be sure to steer clear of any that remind you of medical settings or government institutions. Hospitals and office buildings use greens for many of the same reasons as homeowners, but you do not want to associate being sick or drowning in paperwork with colors in your home.

And, as always, paint samples of your favorites in a room to live with them before making a final choice. This helps you see what the colors will look like during different lights of the day and with your existing furniture and décor. Your professional painter can help with this task and even offer an opinion. They know what works and what doesn’t, and a professional can steer you toward the best hues for your home.

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