Decorating Ideas to Tie Paint Colors and Home Decor Together!


While there are many ways to choose color schemes for your home, they all involve finding a source of inspiration. Choose one of these five methods and have your paint and décor colors set in no time.

Create a Theme

A theme can bring with it a color palette. For example, if you love the sea and want to create a beachy atmosphere in your home, look for blues and greens that remind you of the ocean, whether to use on an accent wall or to surround yourself with completely. Choose furniture and accessory materials reminiscent of the beach, such as wicker, lighter woods, and natural fibers such as sea grass. You can also tie in rooms with a nautical theme, opting for richer colors that say regatta instead of lazy day at the beach.

Use Art as an Anchor

Art lovers tend to let statement pieces dictate the paint and décor colors in their home. If you have a large painting in the living room, look at the predominant colors and go from there. You can use any of the paint selection tools online to take an image of the artwork and find colors that complement it. Less dominant colors in the piece can work as accent colors for paint and accessories, too.

Pick up Colors From Furniture and Floor Coverings

Your statement pieces may be furniture or a rug instead of art. A rich, red sofa will need to be the starting point, for example, when choosing colors to accompany it in a room. You can go with a complementary color from the green family to make it pop even further, or you can opt for triadic colors - three colors that sit an equal distance apart on the wheel - and incorporate yellow and blue into your paint and décor selections.

Tie Into Wallpaper

Whether you are starting from scratch and picking out both wallpaper and paint, or you are choosing a new color of paint to match existing wallpaper, the wall covering cannot be ignored. Put the wallpaper and paint selections next to each other to see how they interact. Not only does the combination set the tone for a room, they bring out different colors in each other. If you are looking for both new wallpaper and paint, find inspiration on websites such as Pinterest. There you will find plenty of inspiration for your project.

Go With Your Favorite Color


Many homeowners simply turn to their tried and true favorites when deciding on color schemes for the home. If you love yellow, for example, make it the primary color in your kitchen, and then carry it through to the dining room as an accent. Just be sure to not let bold colors overpower a room. Accent with neutral colors to create balance in the room.

When choosing color schemes for your home, it may be tempting to take it one room at a time. That can lead to a home in which the color does not flow, though. You need not have the same colors in every room, but they should work with each other to create a harmonious palette for your home. Start with the largest room in your home and settle on a few favorite colors schemes, then move onto the next room, keeping in mind how the already chosen colors will work when making your next round of choices. Keep in mind that when you are in the kitchen, you likely look into the dining room. And when you are in the master bedroom, you likely look into the master bath. Ensure the colors play nicely together to avoid a jarring transition from room to room.

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