Bedroom Paint Ideas: Discovering the Cutest Ideas for Kids' Rooms

Creative types find inspiration in just about anything. The rest of us? We need a little help, especially when coming up with paint and décor schemes for kids rooms. Thank goodness the internet exists to deliver a seemingly endless amount of inspirational images to our desktop. Learn more about a few of the tools available and how to make them work best for you.

Google Images

While the Google Images search does not offer the ability to re-pin images onto an online photo board, you can simply save the images into a folder on your desktop to go through later with your child. One advantage Google does have over Pinterest is that the image found always has a web address attached. This makes it easier to find information about a source of inspiration.

Google-Image-Search-Kids-RoomsIf you have not yet used Google Images, simply click on this link. Type in your search words and hit the magnifying glass button. You also can get to the search through the main Google page by clicking on the "Images" link. Once on the images search page, type in your search words, hit the magnifying glass button, and then click on the "Search Tools" button to modify your criteria to the following for best results:

Size should be "Large." That way, you don’t get images back so small you can’t make out details. Details are important in paint and décor photos.

Type should be "Photo." Again, you want to see real-life images, not clip-art or line-drawings of kids rooms.

Time should be a custom range for the past six months or so. That way, you see the latest design ideas not outdated ones.


For those of you not yet familiar with Pinterest, it serves as a pinboard-style photo-sharing website on which you can search for and collect images by theme. For example, when using the website to find general inspiration for your son or daughter's room, simply do a broad search by "kids room," "girls room" or "boys room." Pinterest will deliver images tagged as such, including photos of the rooms as a whole and detail shots. A general search is a great way to jump-start your creative process, as it will give you ideas you can run by your child for feedback. Be sure to re-pin any images you like to your own board to keep them handy.

As you and your child start to pick out elements of rooms you like, get further inspiration by doing specific searches. For example, if striped walls are a hit, search for "striped walls kids room." Or if your son or daughter likes the idea of having a mural in the bedroom, search for "murals kids room." It's as easy as that.

Many of the images you find will have been uploaded by fellow moms and dads, but some will come from interior designers, paint companies and manufacturers. The latter will include links to where you can find the services or products, but you may have to dig deeper on your own to discover information about items featured by parents.


This photo-sharing website has recently undergone an overhaul. Use it as you would Google Images, but don't expect the same robust search capabilities or URL links to detailed information. You can favorite photos, though, as a way to collect them once you sign up for an account.

Paint Company Websites

The leading paint companies all offer inspiration for kids' rooms online. Benjamin Moore, for example, teamed up with Target offer paint and bedding combinations. Sherwin-Williams and Behr designed dozens of different rooms for different ages and styles, each one complete with the paint color names for easy shopping. Again, you can use these examples as sources of inspiration, either to copy as a whole or to pull elements from here and there.

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