Two-Tone Color Paint Ideas for Interior Paint

If you love color, why limit yourself to just one when painting a room. Two-toned walls make a design statement. They also help you work around architectural challenges in your home.

Half and Half

Add visual interest to any room with the simplest of two-tone effects: the half and half. Simply divide the wall into two halves horizontally, then choose paint colors from the same color family. Pick out two shades of blue, green, pink or whichever color the occupant of the room likes best if a bedroom or study. Pull the colors into the décor, but add pops of contrasting hues to keep the room from taking on a monochromatic look. If using this effect in a dining room, consider adding decorative molding at the joining of the colors to create a more formal atmosphere.

Other Uses of Two-Tone Paint Palettes

Benjamin-Moore-Eclectic-Elegance-Two-ToneIf your home has high ceilings and you want certain rooms, such as a bedroom, to seem cozier and more intimate, use a two-tone effect. Just as above, choose two colors you like, then paint the ceiling in the lighter color but don’t stop there. Bring the ceiling color down to cover one-quarter of the wall. This visually shortens the height of the walls.

Add dramatic depth to doors by painting select panels a different, darker color. Again, stay in the same color family for best results and choose colors already represented in the room, either by furniture or accessories, to keep the design cohesive.

If you have a statement piece of art of furniture, give it a secondary frame with two-tone paint. Choose a paint color for your walls that complements the piece, but select another contrasting color for the wall on which it hangs or sits against. This will make the item even more of a focal point in the room.

The Tools

Committing to one color proves difficult for many, much less two. If you have a hard time choosing colors for your home, use a color visualizer to confirm what they will look like before applying the first coat. Check out our Color Visualizers | Useful Online Tools & Apps for Paint Color Selection post, which points you toward helpful tools on the Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore websites.

Not only do these tools allow you to capture colors from wherever you like and match them to paint colors, they allow you to virtually apply the colors to a photo of the room. Check out an excellent use of such tools on the Crafting Chicks website.

A homeowner used the Sherwin-Williams color visualizer to see how her all-white kitchen would look with a little color, which would also reduce the appearance of the room floating. The visualizer allowed her to try out several colors directly from the company's paint line before making a final choice. It also showed coordinating colors in case she wanted to incorporate them into the design scheme of the room.

A more low-tech tool (easily pulled out of a purse) is the fan deck.

The collection of paint colors from a particular company allows you to have them in your hands when looking for paint as well as when matching your choices to décor. Need new bedding for the master or pillows for the couch? Simply pull out your color deck and see what works and what doesn’t.

As with all painting projects, your professional painter can help you narrow your choices, including by applying samples to a wall in the room. It never hurts to live with colors for a week or so before committing to them for the life of a paint job.

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