Where to Find Behr Paint

Ever since Dr. Otho Behr, Sr. and Otho Behr, Jr. teamed up in their garage after World War II to create a clear finish and stain for hardwood, Behr products have met and exceeded the needs of homeowners and businesses alike. ProTect Painters values this level of excellence and uses Behr as one of its preferred brands.

If you have a painting project on the to-do list, whether interior or exterior, our professional painters can help, from choosing the right colors for your home through application.

Behr Store Locator


We would be more than happy to bring samples of Behr to your home, but if you would like to do a little looking on your own first, it’s as easy as visiting your nearby Home Depot.

Find the closest store, then stop in to see the many colors and products available in the Behr line. You may find the seemingly endless options a bit overwhelming. Again, we can help by offering our professional expertise in the areas of color selection and product choice.

Explore Behr Paint Online

For the past few months, we have been offering our thoughts on the year’s paint trends, and Behr products have earned their spots among ProTect Painters’ favorites.

Check out our 2013 Paint Colors | A Summary of the Top Paint Color Trends, to find:

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We also offered tips on how to explore paint colors and products online in Color Visualizers | Useful Online Tools & Apps for Paint Color Selection. Behr has excellent online tools to help you narrow your choices. It offers two Virtual Color Centers on its website: one for Premium Plus Ultra and the other for Behr Premium Plus. The Ultra online center shows the 386 colors available and allows you to click swatches to see the color on its own. Brochures showing interior and exterior paints in real-life settings also are available to view online or by downloading them to your desktop.

The color center for Behr's Premium Plus online center includes more than 2,000 colors in the product line. It also includes brochures for interior and exterior paints for viewing online or to download.

Take paint color selection online a step further and use Behr’s color visualizers for your phone or computer.


Behr Paint Your Place allows you to upload a photo of the room you plan to paint, then apply different paint colors to the walls with a simple drag and drop action. It works on both Windows and Apple computers. The Behr ColorSmart app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices lets you preview, match and coordinate paint colors on the go.

You also can browse Premium Plus Ultra and Behr Premium Plus colors, photo match real-life colors to Behr hues and preview your colors in different rooms with the app. You can save your colors, room images, calculations and store locations to your personal Behr account as well. The app even allows you to share your projects on Facebook and Twitter.

All of the above ways help you easily find Behr products in your area. If you would like to bring ProTect Painters into your project at the very beginning, though, we can bring color samples and brochures to you, allowing you to start visualizing different colors inside and out in the comfort of your home.


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