Wall Paint Ideas | Paint Color Schemes and Ideas for Your Home

You need not be an interior designer to choose a paint palette for your home. You should, however, know the available finishes and the basics of color selection. Read on to learn exactly that.

Choosing the Right Finish

Your options for paint finish are matte, flat, satin, semigloss and gloss. Choosing the right paint finish depends on the type of room and individual preference.

Semigloss and Gloss Finishes


Semigloss and gloss, for example, best suit the needs of kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, hallways, trim and molding. These finishes offer resistance to moisture and the most durability. You can even scrub some semigloss and gloss paints. In terms of appearance, they provide a bright sheen once dry. Keep in mind, though, that these finishes show imperfections. That requires extra prep and sanding on your part as well as the ability to overlook touchups that stand out against the original sheen.

Satin Finish

A satin finish also stands up well to washing and serves as an alternative to semigloss and gloss if you do not want such a bright sheen. It retains a more pearl-like sheen when dry. Consider it for the family room, laundry room, dining room, kid’s rooms and as well as on trim and molding throughout your home. It also faces the same challenges as semigloss and gloss, in that it does not hide imperfections such as touchups.

Matte Finish

Matte and flat finishes prove the most common choice for walls throughout the home. They result in a smooth, subtle look and show little to no sheen when dry. Matte and flat cover imperfections and touchups blend right in, making them perfect for walls in the bedroom, dining room and living room, as well as ceilings. Cleaning can actually remove these finishes, so if you plan to use one in a regularly used room, look for one of the scrubbable versions now on the market.

Picking Neutral or Bold Paint Colors


You may prefer your walls to blend into the background, allowing furniture and artwork to pop. Or you may like the walls themselves to make a statement. Or you may prefer a mix of both neutral and bold colors throughout your house. Keep the following tips in mind when making your choices:

Ensure colors within a line of sight complement each other. For example, if picking two different color palettes for the kitchen and an adjacent dining room, avoid colors that clash with each other to create an easy-on-the-eyes transition

Remember that a bold color can easily overpower a room. Use it on an accent wall or to showcase an architectural feature such as an arch.

Live with your top picks for a few weeks. You can do this by painting samples onto walls throughout the home and looking at them several times during the day to see how light reflects on them. Painting requires an investment of time and money. The last thing you want to do is get a color up and decide that you don’t like it as much as you did on the color card.

Two-Tone Paint Options


Who says you have to choose just one dominant color in a room? Certainly not interior designers. As noted above, you can opt for an accent wall in a bolder color, or you can use multiple colors on the same wall.

A recent trend involves adding a horizontal stripe to the middle of a room, creating a visual wainscoting of sorts. Opt for a darker color in the stripe, the lighter covering the rest of the wall. You also can create stripes from top to bottom. Choosing colors from the same family works best, but ensure enough contrasts exists to make the darker color stands out from the lighter one.

A two-tone option takes bolder paint choices a step further and allows you to create even more visual interest on your walls.

If at any point you need advice on finish or color choice, your professional painters can help. They can even tackle the project for you if painting proves out of your comfort zone.


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