Stain Colors for 2013

When it comes time to stain your home, whether for the first time or the fifth, consider choosing one of the many 2013 stain colors from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Behr. All three paint companies offer a wide range of colors in multiple degrees of opacity, allowing you to get the exact look you want for your home’s exterior.


Benjamin Moore 2013 Stain Colors

Benjamin Moore creates stains in a wide range of opacity. The company has natural/translucent products that allow the full beauty of wood to show through. Transparent stains tint the wood with color, letting the grain and texture be seen. Semi-transparent products enhance the beauty of wood with color, allowing some of the grain and texture to show through. Semi-solid stain colors the wood but still shows grain and texture. Solid products are opaque, masking the grain but allowing the texture to be on display, so there is a lot to consider in buying the right stain for your deck.

Natural/translucent and transparent stains from Benjamin Moore come in six beautiful colors: Natural, Redwood, Teak, Cedar, Mahogany and Silver gray. Semi-transparent and semi-solid stains offer 75 color choices. Varying shades of whites, browns, tans, reds, grays, greens and blues are available from Benjamin Moore.

Sherwin-Williams 2013 Stain Colors

Sherwin-Williams stains come in three degrees of opacity. Stains labeled as “toner” are lightly pigmented, with semi-transparent products offering more pigment and protection. Solid stains from the paint company mask the grain but not the texture.

Toner stains come in three rich colors: Natural, Redwood and Cedar. Semi-transparent are available in 24 hues. Standouts include the deep brown of Yankee Barn, perfect for East Coast properties, and the green-gray of Harbor Mist, sure to look right at home on waterfront homes on the Pacific Coast. The paint company offers 48 solid stain colors. From the light tan of Navajo White to the dark-green of Shagbark, they cover the color spectrum, allowing you to choose the best fit for your home’s architecture and setting. More on stain colors from Sherwin-Williams.


Behr 2013 Stain Colors

Behr also offers three degrees of opacity in its stains: transparent, semi-transparent and solid. Semi-transparent and solid stains each come in 60 distinctive colors, from the lightest Pinto White to the darkest Slate. There are nine transparent options: Golden Honey, Antique Oak, Natural Sequoia, Barn Red, Chocolate, Cordovan Brown, Natural, Cedar Naturaltone and Redwood. Find out more about Behr’s 2013 Stain Colors.

All of the above products offer protection, durability and the ability to pick the perfect stain color for your home’s exterior. Because of the many options, you may need help making a final decision. Your professional painter can work with you on this important project from color choice through application. He or she can steer you toward the right stain for your home, keeping in mind the environment in which you live. You may want to opt for a pricier product that requires less frequent restaining, saving money on application costs over the time period for which you own your home.

Find out more about 2013 Color Trends, which includes tips from Exterior, Interior and every region in the United State.

A professional painter also ensures proper prep work gets done. Your wood may require stripping in addition to cleaning before getting started. Homes not prepped for stain end up with inconsistent color that does not adhere as well and requires more frequent maintenance. The right applicators must be used, and the wood also needs time to dry between coats to avoid issues with appearance.

Your professional painter can even let you know what other customers are gravitating toward. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, it helps to know what exists in the area so you can stand out from others on your block, but in a good way.

Advice on Picking Stain Samples from Behr Video


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