Stain Colors for 2013 | The Best of Behr, Sherwin-Williams & Benjamin Moore

Many homeowners prefer stain to paint for the exterior of their house. A stain accentuates the texture of wood and highlights rough surfaces, as opposed to paint, which covers what some consider imperfections but others call character. If you plan to coat the exterior of your home with a stain this year, consider one of these 2013 standout siding colors from Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Behr Exterior Stain Colors
Behr-Exterior-Stain-ColorsBehr offers three types of siding stain: transparent, semi-transparent and solid. A transparent stain allows you to keep the natural color, texture and grain of the wood, as does a semi-transparent stain. A solid stain reveals the texture but conceals the grain.

The company offers nine transparent colors of its Premium Wood Coatings from which to choose. The semi-transparent and solid versions come in 60 colors, ranging from the lighter Cape Cod Gray, Sage and Rose Beige to the darker Bordeaux, Cordovan Brown and Atlantic.

Sherwin-Williams Exterior Stain Colors
Sherwin-Williams also offers two levels of coverage with its siding stains: semi-transparent and solid. Its transparent stain, called toner by the company, suits decks better than houses.

Sherwin-Williams-Woodscapes-Exterior-Stain-ColorsSherwin-Williams has 48 colors in its solid stain offerings. Buckthorn and Pine Needle stand out among the greens, Sequoia and Cheyenne from the reds, and Kings Canyon and Woodland in the grays.

There are 24 semi-transparent colors available in its Woodscapes line, with Redwood and Chestnut at the darker end of the color range and White Birch and Blue Shadow at the lighter.

Benjamin Moore Exterior Stain Colors
Benjamin Moore offers the widest range of opacity, with five levels of coverage: natural/translucent, transparent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid. Such a range allows you to choose the exact amount of grain and texture shining through the coating.

Benjamin-Moore-Arborcoat-exterior-stainThe company offers six colors of the natural/translucent and transparent stains in its Arborcoat line. Natural, Redwood, Teak, Cedar, Mahogany and Silver Gray provide plenty of options for keeping the beauty of wood visible.

There are 75 of the semi-transparent and semi-solid stain colors, with Cougar Brown, New Pilgrim Red and Olympus Green standing out among the many offerings. Solid stains can be custom tinted with any of Benjamin Moore 's seemingly countless number of available colors.

Getting Started
One factor to keep in mind if deciding between stain and paint is how long each product lasts. Stain requires more frequent application, with a solid stain lasting on average seven years and paint lasting about 25 years. That being said, the staining process takes much less time and effort, and therefore costs less, than painting.

The keys to getting the most years from your staining application are the quality of the product - Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore all are excellent - and the application itself. Using a professional painter provides the best results, allowing you to reduce the frequency with which you must restain your home.

A professional painter can also help you choose the level of weather proofing you require in a stain. He or she will know which products best suit the seasonal extremes in your area of the country.

Your professional painter will also help you finalize a color choice if new, as opposed to a reapplication of an existing color. He or she can remove the stain or paint currently on the exterior of your home in small areas and apply the new product, allowing you to see exactly what it will look like on your wood siding. You can even choose several options for comparison purposes. You might want to choose a side of your home not facing the street during this part of the project, though.

This post is a part of our 2013 Paint Colors and Trends Series.

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