Southwest Interior Color Trends

Southwestern architecture

The southwestern United States opens individuals' eyes to a variety of deep, rich colors and tones that exist nowhere else in the country. Layers of dark and light orange tones in the rock mix with rugged greens, pastels and browns in the land and the soft blue of the sky. Follow these southwest color trends to transform any room in your house to a vast canyon getaway:

  • Artisan - A great way to create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your living or dining room is using deep earthy tones like burnt orange on ceilings matched with blue-gray walls. This subtle contrast creates an intimate and cozy environment, drawing attention to the furnishings in the room.
  • Urbanite - Create the perfect look in your kitchen with this chic urbanite color scheme. Match rich golden yellows with deep navy tones to create a more inviting atmosphere compared to the standard black and white kitchen schemes.
  • New Traditional - Rooms containing light-colored furniture, like a bedroom or office, benefit from deeper tones on the walls and ceiling. Base colors like coral, mauve, beige and dark blues create a crisp backdrop. When matched with softer trims and ceiling tones, they can be restful for a bedroom or welcoming for office space.
  • Coastal - Bring an air of freshness to your home with seashore-inspired blues, yellows and greens. Promoting tranquility and relaxation use these colors to transform any room in your house to a breezy beach sun lounge.

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