Why Exterior Paint Prep is Important

Prep work sets the main foundation for all exterior painting projects. Rarely is it the paint film that fails, but the lack of adhesion between the paint and the exterior surface (substrate, in painter's terms) that causes problems. The most important aspect of exterior painting prep work is cleaning the substrate from any grease and dirt or flaking, loose paint. Here are some tips to help create the cleanest and best substrate for the longest-lasting and highest-quality exterior painting projects.

Before you even look at a paint brush you will need to familiarize yourself with one of several scraping and sanding tools. You will need to scrape or sand away any excess, loose or flaking paint from the exterior to allow the fresh coat of paint the best surface for adhesion.

power washPower washing your home is a great way to clean and remove any dirt or grease from the substrate. A power washer uses a high-powered stream of water to knock anyway any dirt residue. Painting over dirt and grime will result in a poor bond between the paint and substrate, and result in a low-quality finish.

It is important to check your home's exterior for any rotted wood as you will need to remove and replace it with a new piece of clean, undamaged wood for the strongest union of substrate and paint. Often, this is the most difficult part of the prep work phase, and homeowners neglect it. By not replacing the rotted wood in your home you are not only accepting a poor paint job, but are also making the siding more susceptible to pests.

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