Paint Ideas for an Upstairs Hallway

The hallways in your home are often overlooked during interior painting projects, but a fresh coat or unique ideas can make your hallway stand out. Every hallway is different, but here are a few tricks to help infuse new life into your upstairs hallway.

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Using one block of color throughout a long hallway creates a calming atmosphere.

Long hallways can be painted a couple of ways to make the walk down the hall a little more pleasant. Using one block of color throughout a long hallway creates a calming atmosphere. Shades of pastel green on the walls and trim turn a boring saunter into a lively stroll in your home. A way to add drama to your long hallway is using dark colors on the walls accompanied with a white trim; this will set your hallway apart from the standard pale color by adding a heightening curiosity.

Small hallways can create a claustrophobic feeling, especially when painted with the wrong colors. Adding wide stripes can lengthen the feel of the hallway and create a more welcoming and open atmosphere.

We have discussed the ragging paint technique previously and an upstairs hallway is a great place to use this technique and turn a boring traditional hallway look into a rustic, shabby chic design using whimsical pastel colors.

Another unique idea to alter the personality of your hallway is to step away from painting the walls and trim and focus on the doors throughout your hallway. Using vibrant colors like bright green on all the doors in your hallway will create a fun and exciting atmosphere that expresses your ability to step outside the box and create a unique design.

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