Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2013

Which colors best cover bedroom walls? Well, that depends on which paint company you ask. Let's take a look at some of the standout 2013 offerings from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Behr.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Paint Colors

Shades of blue prove calming in the bedroom, as does pink with its ability to bring about tranquility. Benjamin Moore introduced a color collection for 2013 that lets each of these colors take the lead.


New Traditional- Dusty Mauve, Seapearl, Baja Dunes, Golden Straw and Evening Dove make up this palette. The paint company presents two different applications of the colors on its website. In the first, navy Evening Dove provides a classic and crisp backdrop for light-colored furniture, with Baja Dunes and Seapearl softening the darker color on the ceiling and trim, respectively.

In the second bedroom, Dusty Mauve covers the walls with romantic coral, while Baja Dunes and Seapearl also complement light-colored furniture from the ceiling and trim, respectively.

Sherwin-Williams Bedroom Paint Colors

The paint company prefers to show its colors in interpretive collections, as opposed to in-room settings. This year brings four different offerings, each of which could work in a particular style of bedroom.

SW-Midnight-MysteryMidnight Mystery - Rare Gray, Outerspace, Rustic Red, Chamois, Mink, Roycroft Bottle Green, Loyal Blue, Rookwood Dark Red, Olde World Gold and Plum Brown make up this color collection that leans toward the moody and masculine. It also combines both futuristic and Victorian influences to create an unusual Steampunkish aesthetic. The application of colors in this collection would bring about a haunting, romantic effect, which the more theatrical types might find relaxing in a bedroom setting.

Honed Vitality - Silver Strand, Mountain Stream, Herbal Wash, Safari, Smokey Topaz, Unusual Gray, Poolhouse, Roycroft Suede, Wickerwork and Spiced Cider come together in this color collection, which will attract those who invite nature into the bedroom for relaxation. The collection draws from the layered hues of mineral deposits, sea-buffed stones and weathered shutters of a rustic farmhouse to comfort and rejuvenate.

Vintage Moxie - Rosy Outlook, Bathe Blue, Aloe, Awesome Violet, Radiant Lilac, Rosedust, Gauzy White, Darkroom, Independent Gold and Obi Lilac make this a color collection with a decidedly feminine spin. That being said, a bold female would be drawn toward colors such as these in her bedroom. The pastels have a greater punch and feel more modern than those embraced by generations past.

High Voltage - Gladiola, Black Magic, Extra White, Electric Lime, Calypso, Feverish Pink, Exuberant Pink, Dovetail, Eye Catching and Frank Blue come together in another modern collection from the paint company. These colors evoke electronics, alternative rock and digital technology for a look-at-me feel for a high-energy person. The blues and whites would be the best for a bedroom that allowed for sleep after a late night with the band.

Behr Bedroom Paint Colors

Behr shows its 2013 colors collections by family and in-room settings, allowing you to gravitate toward colors you like while also seeing getting guidance for a bedroom application.

Behr-Clear-Violet-VisionClear Violet Vision - Palace Purple, Navajo White and Timeless Lilac can create a relaxing yet modern space perfect for both men and women. The purple color family also brings about rest and relaxation in the medium and lighter hues.

Pink Persuasion - Lilac Tan, Hot Pink, Honey Moth and Ultra Pure White combine to create a tranquil setting for sleep. Shown as a soft backdrop for white furniture and décor, this collection would suit women of many ages.

Before committing to an entire color collection, have your professional painter apply your top choices as samples in your bedroom. That way, you can see how you like the different colors both in the light of day and at night before going to bed. When you're ready to paint your home-interior painting and/or exterior painting-be sure to contact your local ProTect Painters and click here for a free estimate.

This post is a part of our 2013 Paint Colors and Trends Series.

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