A Sneak Peak at What the New Hot Color Trends will be in 2013

We have previously discussed the regional exterior paint color trends for 2013, now it is time to add some flavor to your interior with the latest color palettes for the upcoming year. An interior painting project can transform any room in your home to a welcoming and brand new atmosphere. Here are what the experts believe to be the best color schemes for 2013.

exterior home painting

Earth tones are the inspiration for the first color palette. The foundation is blue and green matched with quirky accents like shades of pumpkin, lime and violet. A great way to include these accent colors is by spray painting a lamp or decorating a shelf or bookcase in the room.Although the previous palette included quirky accent colors, new trending colors are even more daring. This palette includes accent colors like vibrant tangerine, peacock blue and fiery pink matched with a sandy brown focal point to create a desirable contrast throughout a room.

The third palette is incredibly unique and will stand out in any room. A black or gray focal wall matched with bright and preppy colors. The great contrast between the dark black or gray will make the bright colors "pop" even more than usual, steering the attention of anyone who peers inside.

The final color palette for 2013 is a sleek scheme that creates a more sensual feeling. This palette is demonstrated by a room painted ethereal grey with the main focal wall a deep blue-green. Matched with rich reds and cobalt blues these contrasting accents will entice a relaxed and heavenly feeling making this scheme ideal for a master bedroom.

This post is a part of our 2013 Paint Colors and trends series.

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