2013 Interior Paint Colors and Trends

2013 interior paint color trendsA professional interior paint job can transform any room into a masterpiece and create a unique, fresh and warm environment. With a new year comes new palettes of colors from the leading paint companies. We looked at what Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have to offer in 2013.

Behr Interior Paint Color Trends 2013

Behr found inspiration in varied places for 2013 color palettes. It saw the post-recession optimism fueling more adventurous fashions in New York, Paris and Milan. Behr also looked to the renewed interest in historic design, which has resulted in a reinvention of style from the 1920s and traditional décor from Europe, including France and northern England. Behr continued its creation of palettes that turn a home into a sanctuary; colors from nature that have a presence, including water-cooled blue as a key color family in 2013.

Behr's fresh forest greens are perfect for family rooms and living areas as they evoke the inviting, warm and calming environment you experience on an outdoor hike. The forest greens are complemented with cheerful, mountain wild-flower inspired accents to bring the room together and maintain the peaceful dynamic. Behr also brings magenta to the dining room, reminiscent of classical Italian restaurants where diners are surrounded by Merlot-red walls and soft white tablecloths. Magenta retains the same warm qualities as the red and is ideal for an inviting dining room setting.

Standout color collections include:
Classic Caprice - Modern mixes with traditional in this color palette that puts reds at its center. In this dining room, the magenta of Daah Ling coats the walls above the wainscoting in Empire Porcelain, while Black Lacquer covers the trim. The result: a warm room that dares to be prim, rebellious, flirtatious and sophisticated, all at once.

Color Metric - Behr pulls color blocking from the runway for the application of this palette in a kitchen. Electrify makes the geometrical shapes of the cabinets pop with sapphire blue, while the blue-gray of Twilight blends into the background to allow the warm caramel of Tangent to stand out. The result: a kitchen that sizzles with intensity in both shape and color, thanks to the palette.

Sweet Jazz - This color palette takes its direction from the stylized fixtures, colors and design elements found in the roaring '20s. The ethereal pink of Bee's Knees coasts the upper half of the walls in this bathroom, while the cooler mint of Jazzy Jade takes care of the bottom; the navy blue Flapper Dance divides the wall and provides accents throughout the room. The result: a period bathroom with a modern finish.

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Sherwin-Williams Interior Paint Color Trends 2013

The attraction of opposites fueled Sherwin-Williams' 2013 color palettes. Simple vs. complex, mystery vs. certainty and light vs. dark are just a few of the opposing ideas found within its collections.

Standout color palettes include:
Midnight Mystery - Moody colors meet a masculine vibe in this collection that combines both Victorian and futuristic influences. Rustic Red and Roycroft Bottle Green evoke a steampunk combination, while Chamois and Olde World Gold create a theatrical romanticism.

Vintage Moxie - Bold pastels serves as the theme of this collection, which presents Mid-Century with an even more modern edge. Rosy Outlook, Bathe Blue, Aloe and Awesome Violet pop against the neutrals of Gauzy White and Darkroom, bringing to mind semi-previous stones in a setting.

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Color Trends 2013

Benjamin Moore also looked to emerging trends in art, fashion and interior design to create its 2013 color palettes. Purple is making a strong comeback. Rich indigo or plum make for a charming focal point in any room throughout the house. Just like purple, blue is thought of as a comfort color and Benjamin-Moore is focusing on Caribbean style blues in 2013. From navy to turquoise, there is a shade of blue for any room that provides a comfortable and welcoming environment in your home.

Standout color collections include:
Artisan - This rich and inviting palette evokes treasured antiques, eclectic finds and distant journeys. In this living room, Satchel covers the ceiling, making it a focal point for the room with its color that brings to mind a well-worn leather suitcase. The light gray Sea Haze coats the walls, with Monterey White at the trim. The result: a living room that exudes warmth and comfort.

New Traditional - This bold color palette puts a fresh spin on classic elegance. In this bedroom, the crisp navy blue of Evening Dove gets tempered by the softer Baja Dunes on the ceiling, Seapearl on the trim and Golden Straw as an accent color. The result: a warm inviting retreat perfect for the end of the day.

Whether you use Behr, Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin-Moore for your 2013 interior painting project, professional application remains key to your satisfaction with the work.

A professional interior paint job can transform any room into a masterpiece and create a unique, fresh and warm atmosphere. Color trends for interior painting constantly change, but our Preferred Home Painting Partners at Behr and Benjamin-Moore have industry-leading knowledge backed by years of experience and expert opinions that craft their yearly color trends.

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