What the Color of Your House Says About You

When you are painting your home and picking out color swatches, remember that there is more to a color than tints and hues; it can speak to your personality. Many times we are attracted to colors not because of their appearance, but because of how they make us feel. Here are some popular exterior colors and what they say about you as an individual.


A person with orange on her home's exterior is generally a balanced individual who is happy, loyal and tends to go-with-the-flow.


A red home embodies a dominant personality who is not afraid to take risks. This person is energetic, passionate, courageous and bold.


Found throughout nature, green translates to a very grounded and logical person who rarely passes judgments and is loyal and trustworthy.


Cheerful and charming, yellow homes are gaining popularity. The hue is magnetic and displays confidence, intelligence, creativity and the ability to lead.


Blue homes are also commonly found throughout the country, and are tied together with traits of optimism, patience and devotion. The owner of a blue home tends to be more flexible and idealistic.

Violet & Indigo

These two colors go together in more ways than one as their owners tend to be sensitive and sentimental as well as impulsive and intense. Violet and indigo are very strong colors and the homeowners share ambitious traits and are wise and thoughtful.

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