Painting Contractors | Choosing a Quality House Painter

Repainting your house, whether the interior or exterior, requires you to invest both time and money. To get the most for both, hire a painting contractor who will handle the job professionally from start to finish. Look for the following four values in any house painter you seriously consider for the project.

1. Provides Professional Bid Process With Detailed Written Estimates

When you inquire with a painting contractor, he or she should schedule an appointment at your home in a timely manner. The professional painter should inspect the areas to be painted during the appointment to determine the amount of prep work that will be required. Before leaving, he or she should provide a date by which you will receive a written estimate for the job if not providing it on-site. If you do not receive it by that date, move on to the next name on your list; if the painting contractor cannot meet this first deadline, imagine how long the actual work will take. For more information on what to expect in a written estimate from a professional painter, read this article.

2. Performs Thorough Prep Work

exterior-house-painters-prepNo matter how professional the application or high quality the products, incomplete prep work will shorten the lifespan of a paint job. Request that all prep work be detailed in the written estimate to see how seriously the painting contractor takes this important area of the project. The estimate should tell you if he or she plans to clean surfaces, such as power-washing the exterior of the home, whether or not existing paint or other coverings will be removed, and if any repair must be done. Also look for info regarding protection of other surfaces and landscaping, in the case of an exterior painting job.

3. Uses High-Quality Products

Paintbrush with Paint SwatchesAsk any professional painter you seriously consider which products he or she prefers. ProTect Painters, for example, has relationships with leading paint manufacturers such as Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. We also use other high-quality products when requested by customers. If a customer requests use of a product that simply won't provide the expected results, we work to find a suitable solution that will meet everyone's expectations.

4. Performs Inspections

ProTect Painters Estimating TeamExpect to see inspections as line items in the written estimate from the painting contractor. During the first inspection, he or she will perform a complete and thorough walk through the house or around it, at which time any areas requiring touchup or cleanup will be determined and noted. At the last inspection, you will confirm that the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

In addition to expect a painting contractor to have the above four values, also look for proof of full insurance. It should cover not only the company's employees, but also damage to your home as a result of their actions. Warranties are another area to inquire about, as they are available for certain projects.

For more information about ProTect Painters' core values as a company, please visit the frequently asked questions area of our website. There, you will find details about how we handle the bid process and how quickly we typically begin work, as well as details about our application process and the products we use.

As mentioned above, painting the interior or exterior of your home requires an investment of time and money on your part. Choosing a quality painting contractor ensures that you get a professional paint job that will last for years to come. We have many repeat customers at ProTect Painters because we provide exactly that along with exceptional customer service that will leave you more than satisfied with our work.

The professional house painters at your local ProTect Painters have years of experience working with the latest color trends in the industry as well as providing you with the longest-lasting and highest-quality results. Find your local home painter and register for your free painting quote online today.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose ProTect Painters

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    We’re happy to work around your schedule.

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