Paint Colors for Living Rooms 2013

Are you planning to repaint your living room in 2013? The new year brought a slate of fresh colors from top paint companies. Before deciding on a color, learn more about why the size of the room, as well as the mood you want to set, should factor into your choice. Then explore standout palettes from the Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Living Room Paint Color Considerations

If you have a living room smaller or bigger than you would like, your choice of paint color can make a difference in its appearance. Select a light color to make the room seem larger. Pick a dark color to bring it to a cozier level. Next decide whether you want your living room to be warm and inviting or to have a more formal feel. For example, a warm beige helps sets a relaxing tone, and a cooler gray creates formality. In general, avoid intense colors. They simply don’t allow for relaxation. Also keep in mind whether you will keep existing furnishings and décor or start from scratch. If you plan on simply changing colors, you will need to choose colors that complement the pieces you already have.

2013 Living Room Paint Colors From Behr

Behr-Modern-DefinitionA Modern Definition - In this living room, the paint company uses the deep blue of Grand Rapids to make a bold statement that still allows for comfort and relaxation. The deep gray of Simple Silhouette pairs nicely on the adjacent walls, and Ultra Pure White makes trim and accents pop. The result: a modern living room that will still seem so for years to come.

Classic Cool Blue - Behr takes a lighter approach with the blues in this living room. The icy blue of Ionic Sky complements the deeper Bon Voyage. The result: a touch of formality that could be softened or made even more elegant depending on the furniture and décor choices.

2013 Living Room Paint Colors From Sherwin-Williams

SW-HGTV-2013-living-roomEach year, Sherwin-Williams partners with HGTV to create a dream home. This year, the setting of Kiawah Island, just off the coast of South Carolina, inspired the paint choices both inside and out. The natural sea surroundings make their way inside the home, into every room.

HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams Coastal Cool Collection - In the living room, Extra White and the green Hearts of Palm invite in the beautiful surroundings, subtly complementing the view instead of competing with it. The result: an "I'm on vacation" vibe that welcomes all.

2013 Living Room Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

B.Moore-ArtisanArtisan - In its color trends report for this year, the paint company interpreted each room in the house twice using the same color palette. It describes Artisan as a “rich and inviting palette evocative of treasured antiques, eclectic finds and distant journeys.” In the first interpretation, the rich earth tones of Satchel cover the ceiling, meeting the blue-gray of Sea Haze on the walls. Monterey White coats the trim and other accents. In the second interpretation, the deep gray of Silhouette on accent walls highlight the architectural details of the fireplace. The subtle yellow of Pittsfield Bluff balances the darker color. Again, Monterey White coats the trim and other accents. The result of both applications: an ambience that exudes warmth and comfort.

Once you decide on a few favorites, whether from the above or your own explorations, bring your professional painter into the project. He or she can advise you on the best colors for the style of your home as well as the mood you want to create. Your painter also can apply samples throughout the living room so you can see how light affects it throughout the day and night.

This post is a part of our 2013 Paint Colors and Trends Series.

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