Kids Room Decor: Fun Decoration and Paint Ideas for Boys & Girls

A kid’s room serves as a place to sleep, play and retreat from siblings and adults alike. At a certain age, parents let go of the colors they made and allow their son or daughter to take part in the creation of a new space. Find inspiration in these tips and examples if you are at that point.

Choose a Durable Paint for a Kid’s Room
Many paint companies offer "scrubbable" low-sheen finishes perfectly suited for a kid’s bedroom. They clean easily, allowing you not to worry about Crayon scribbles or marks left behind by a bouncing ball. You also can opt for using a faux finish, which better hides the result of play or can be touched up with the pat of a sponge.

Decide on a Paint Color Scheme Together
Instead of starting by hitting the paint store with your kid in tow, start downloading images of rooms you like. Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore all have examples of kid-friendly color schemes online. Check out these standout designs:


Hello Pink! - If your daughter likes pink, you need not dread seeing all of the room’s walls covered in a cotton-candy hue. This example from Behr shows how you can cover an accent wall with a bright pink such as Kawaii, while leaving the rest in a white like Fuji Snow. This allows you to use the color as an element in the design scheme without overloading the room with it.

Benjamin-Moore-purple-Easter-egg-spring-lilac-springhill-greenPrincess Room - This kid’s bedroom by Benjamin Moore shows how a mural can create a theme within a kid’s room. This princess-inspired design scheme uses sherbet hues such as Purple Easter Egg, Spring Lilac and Springhill Green throughout, with a fairy tale castle serving as a headboard. Keep in mind a child’s age when going with a mural, though. A 5-year-old, for example, may love a princess theme for years to come, but a 9-year-old might find it too young when she hits her tweens. Same goes for boys and themes such as race cars and dinosaurs.

Sherwin-Williams-Hopsack-Chinese-Red-Cilantro-Needlepoint-NavyJunior Varsity- If your kid, whether a son or a daughter, lives for sports, paint also can contribute to a themed setting. In this example from Sherwin-Williams, Hopsack, Chinese Red, Pure White, Needlepoint Navy and Cilantro combine to create the perfect retreat for a young athlete. You also can incorporate your kid’s school colors into such a theme.

Show your son or daughter the photos and ask for input. This will allow you to see what colors and design elements are hits and which are misses. With "likes" in hand, you and your kid can visit the store for sample cards or even paint samples. Tape or apply samples to the bedroom's walls and let your kid live with the colors for a while before making a decision together.

Pull It All Together With Furniture and Décor
Certain furniture can carry a child through to college thanks to paint. Simply pull a color from the palette chosen to use on beds, nightstands and nightstands. That same durability from the paint will be appreciated on the furniture, as well. Also take your color cards with you when shopping for bedding, rugs and other décor. Not all items need to match, but having color examples handy will help you keep all elements complementary.

Getting Professional Help
Not only does hiring a professional painter ensure the work will last for years, it can also further invest your kid in the design process. Being able to consult a professional on color choices and other elements will make your son or daughter feel even more in control of creating the bedroom of his or her dreams.

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