2014 Living Room Paint Ideas and Color Inspiration

The leading paint companies have introduced their new colors for 2014, with many presented as moods. By that, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Behr mean to help you choose the colors that best fit the mood you want to create in a room. Let’s take a look at some of the options they offer for living rooms.

Popular Colors From Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore created eight different design schemes for the living room in 2014, one to suit just about every décor style. They include:

Benjamin-Moore-Warm-Cozy-Living-RoomWarm & Cozy - In this traditional living room, the predominant use of yellow creates an inviting atmosphere, one that welcomes family and friends to get comfortable and stay a while. Banana Cream covers the walls, offset with Horizon Gray as an accent stripe above the fireplace, which features Calm. The milky gray of Calm also covers the ceiling and sets off the wainscoting and trim.

Crisp & Contemporary - These colors sets a more glamorous mood in the living room. The neutral tan of Jute allows the deep, rich gray of Silhouette to pop as an accent wall. Accent colors such as Fashion Rose make the palette perfect for any urban loft or other contemporary home.

Bright & Bold - The bold green of Winchester Sage makes this living room a place for refreshment and revitalization. The creaminess of Citronee on the ceiling and Marscarpone at the trim add lightness, creating an atmosphere in which one can imagine enjoying coffee before heading out to the farmers market on a Sunday morning.

Create Color Harmony With Choices from Sherwin-Williams

Each year, Sherwin-Williams partners with HGTV to create home interiors that suit the various moods of its customers. There are currently eight, each of which uses palettes that allow for room-to-room harmony. Living room options include:

Sherwin-Williams-Rustic-Refined-Living-RoomRustic Refined - Those wanting to set a down-to-earth mood without sacrificing style will appreciate this collection of colors. Inspired by sunbaked adobe, Italian stucco and sandstone, this palette puts Cascade Green on the walls of a living room, offset by Creamy at the trim.

Global Spice - Earthy Stonebriar on the walls and neutral Garden Sage at the ceiling create the perfect backdrop for items collected during travels, creating a worldly vibe that welcomes all.

The Best Living Room Paint Colors From Behr

Behr also offers eight living room color palettes to inspire homeowners wanting a new look in 2014. They range from the warm neutrals of On the Prairie to the rich sophistication of Parisian Afternoon. Other standouts include:

Behr-Exquisite-Hunter-GreenExquisite Hunter Green - Varying shades of Congo create an interesting hunter-green two-tone paint effect on an accent wall in this otherwise formal, traditional living room. The darker shade covers other walls in the room, with the lighter Sand Motif providing contrast and keeping the colors from overwhelming those who spend time there.

Soft-Hued Assortment - For a more relaxed mood, the colors of this palette deliver. The light yellow of Cozy Cottage and the almost-green gray of Creek Bend alternate on walls, set off by Frost at the trim and on architectural accents. The light, airy atmosphere these colors create appeals to many homeowners.

When deciding on a color palette to suit the mood of your home, keep in mind why certain colors help to create it. For example, green represents nature and health and brings about relaxation, perfect for setting a comfortable mood in a living room. The bolder choice of red stimulates conversation, which might be a good fit for those who welcome lively debate in that room. While you may like a color in general, you won't know how it affects your mood until you live with it in a room. Ask your professional painter for advice before making a final decision.

This post is a part of our 2014 Paint Colors and trends series.

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